Singles 50 reviews: Single Encounters website at maturity

For nobody is a secret that the meetings websites abound, however, at the time of truth, almost everyone is aimed at a young audience. Finding a similar site for people in maturity is not so simple, let alone be serious. Therefore, this time we want to talk about a page designed especially for mature people: single 50.  A complete analysis of all its functions, features, advantages, prices and everything you need to know. Stay until the end to know Singles 50 reviews and why is one of the Best appointment pages for over 50 years.

As the years go by and we are still alone, it becomes increasingly complicated to get a couple. Not because there are no people precisely, but because we are more demanding and we want to be safer than our partner is really someone adequate with whom to share time. In view of such a clear reality, born Singles 50, to facilitate greatly that people in full maturity can get their soul mate. 

9.1 Total Score
Singles 50

Singles 50 offers the possibility of getting couples over 50 with relative ease thanks to an effective and serious platform. Your best presentation is the privacy that each user can conserve as suited. It is a well-worked site, with good functions and above all, safe.

Value for money
  • It has the approval of the vast majority of its users and reviews.
  • Proposes a simple, intuitive and efficient interface designed for an adult audience.
  • Parity of genres that increases the chances of finding a partner.
  • High level of privacy and safety for the tranquility of the user.
  • Automatic subscription renewal, so if you no longer want to continue, you must cancel a few days in advance.
User rating: 3.41 (3. 4 votes)

Singles 50, a relatively new tool, has been born to be a solution. The members of this community are in their 50 years and are not to waste time. That factor has played in favor of the platform, turning it into one of the most effective. In fact, this information is so true that the same page offers a guarantee that during your subscription you will get to contact several people, otherwise, your subscription will extend free of charge.

50 year old mature couple

Go ahead, that you can still find the love of your life! The Single Community 50 US is the one that has grown the most. There will be many opportunities for you here. I can give you ahead that the record is completely free. Fail now:

What is Singles about 50?

In general terms, Singles 50 is a platform to find couples. Like any other? Well, yes, it works like any other, however, what the difference is that the unique objective is the public of 50 years and up. While it could still be said that your trajectory is still brief, Singles 50 positive reviews have not been missing. The main reasons range from good service, accessible subscription prices and effectiveness. The site continues to grow with enough strength all over the world, but especially in US. Singles 50 US join hundreds of people every day.

The platform works based on a compatibility system that Search and select very accurately the profiles that resemble your interests, personality and tastes. This information gets it from the first moment you register on the platform, where you must specify all this information so that the Search Engine From the site Locate and present you the most compatible profiles for you. From this moment, you can get in touch with any of them and start getting to know each other. The rest is a matter of time for you to find your half orange.

Finally, Singles 50 is governed under the company Be2, a very powerful organization that for more than 15 years creates and handles multiple similar topic services.

Singles 50 reviews: Registration

Before you can do anything else on the platform, you will have to meet the first step, which is the registration for the creation of a profile. But Absolutely simple. In principle, all you will need will be an email, establish a password, indicate your gender and if you are interested in men or women. That information will suffice to be inside.

Next, you will receive the invitation to complete the important compatibility test. Even though it will take a little more time, it is indispensable because it is the platform tool to look for compatible people with you to then recommend them. I have finished it in less than 5 minutes. Come on, always, indicate the size, describe your personality a little, physical description, among others. Although it is noticed that The test is aimed at mature people.

Singles 50 opinions: Compatibility test

Finally, singles 50 does not allow the registry of people under 50 years. You just finished this step, then you can enter your account as such, but there are still some pending steps to finish creating the profile completely. You must, for example, upload a photo. It should be noted that up to this point, everything is free. You can browse the platform interface, people who are connected, among others.

Look at it yourself! You have nothing to lose. Singles 50 is charged with opportunities, new experiences and a lot of love. Join the platform in terms and safely you will find the love of your life.

Singles 50 reviews: Privacy and Safety

You have always to provide personal information on dating pages and it is no exception with this site. However, unlike similar sites, Singles 50 reviews About security and privacy are optimal. It is, in fact, one of the most solid points of the platform. It has a remarkable reputation, so that at no time represents a risk for its users.

The School Safety System 50 US, backed by B2, is more than tested. We are basically talking about an infallible security system in terms of fraud or the flight of user information. In other words, The information that you enter singles 50 will always remain confidential. In fact, there are additional privacy features that are optional for the user, such as: Decide whether to show your profile picture to any community of the community or not, if you prefer that it looks blurred or deciding who you can see.

Payment subscription

Certainly, the registry is free at 100%. However, the functions enabled in the free membership are quite limited. In fact, the free registration allows the user to see the platform interface (which can be highlighted, is very intuitive and comfortable), get an idea of ​​how it works and little more. For example, the profile images of the other users are blurry and it is not possible to send or read messages.

To enable really good and useful functions it is necessary to pay a payment subscription. Come on, like any other page of dating serious on the internet. The advantage of singles 50 US is that the price is below average Taking into account that it is a page for mature people. Most are more expensive.

This is what you get in return when you acquire the Premium Subscription of Singles 50:

1. Send and read messages

Of course, it is the most fundamental tool, otherwise you could not interact with any other user of the platform. The function is completely unlimited. That is You can read and send all the messages you want.

two. View photos of Profile

Automatically, the photos will stop seeing blurred. At last you can use the search engine and send messages to the person you like. I must clarify that for privacy issues, each user can decide whether to leave his photo blurred or not and show it with whom he wants.

View of profiles of the appointments page

3. Estate the visits to your profile

Now you will find out who visits your profile. On the one hand, that's good because the user finds out if he is calling attention, but maybe it could be a little desmotivating.

4. See the compatibility index

Singles 50 suggests profiles that, according to the test that we did when checking in, they are the most compatible for us. You as a user, you can also see other profiles and immediately the platform calculates to offer the compatibility index.

5. Save favorites

If you see contacts that interest you, but you wanted to contact then, now you have the option of Favorites To keep them there and have them at hand.

It's worth a try. There is still time to get your better half. Moreover with a platform like singles 50. There are thousands of satisfied and happy users thanks to this platform. Do you miss?? Then register now and enjoy the wide range of options that you will not find anywhere else.

Singles 50 US: Subscription prices

The pages of dating for mature people usually have a high price, but it is not the case. In fact, Singles 50 reviews About the price agree with what is one of the most accessible sites. These are prices in US:

  • 9.€ 90 per month, but with 3 month renovation.
  • 29.€ 90 each month for 3 months. It is clearly the least convenient option.
  • 19.€ 90 per month for 6 months.

You play yourselves and choose that of your preference. I have quite clear.

Singles 50 prices

Of what we are completely safe is from the Reliability in terms of payments it means. Singles 50 It always makes its users the price of their services very clear, not as other pages with hidden collections or they charge more than it originally said.

However, what is important that the user remember at all times is that, with the interest that the service is never interrupted, Singles 50 renews the subscription automatically. In other words, when you no longer want to continue using the services of the platform, you will have to carry out the cancellation process before the renewal. For that, singles 50 has a maximum period. If you overcome it, then they will charge a month more. So you must be attentive to this to avoid dislike.

Remember that registering is free. It is not mandatory to pay to have an account. In fact, have the free subscription to see how the page works broadly is also recommended. Is it worth paying the subscription? This is what we think of Bachelor Membership Cost 50!


Register on a page of appointments as professional as single 50 US, the advantages are in view. The most important in this case would be:

  • Excellent reputation. Single 50 reviews Satisfactory There are everywhere. It is the best way to trust any website, whether it is the type. Users are satisfied.
  • Security: The privacy and safety of the client is unnegotiable for single 50. You can be calm that all your information is perfectly protected.
  • Functioning: Singles 50 works without problems. All tools to get in touch and meet people are available. Apart, it is a really intuitive platform, which is especially important for the public that is recorded here.
  • Price: The value for money is one of the best that may be at present. The service it offers, the contrast benefits with the payment are coherent. In fact, singles 50 is, perhaps, the appointment page for mature people with better subscription price.
  • Warranty: After making the Premium Subscription payment, Singles 50 offers to extend the subscription, without any additional cost, in case you have not managed to exchange messages with at least 10 people on the platform. Means yes or yes, here you are going to meet people, earlier as late.
  • Genders: Singles 50 has a genre relationship from the most balanced on the Internet. 51% - 49%.

Main Single Page 50

Singles 50 reviews

In general, single-lines 50 is one of the platforms directed to a mature audience that I liked the most. Between the first aspects that evaluate is the interface. This must be simple, intuitive and fast and single 50 complies with the 3. It is used with great ease. It does not matter for the person to be an expert on appointment pages or may be a complete rookie, anyone can handle it without problems.

The other point is the compatibility criteria. I do not think it is the most assertive, nevertheless, however, with the data that collects its users does a good job to suggest relevant profiles and with good potential. In relation to the registration and profiles, I like that single 50 regulates very well who enters the community. People under the age of 50 are not allowed and that reserves the site for this particular audience. With this short analysis we are already noticing how single 50 is, in short, a very serious and committed service.

Finally, no scandals or fraud have not been heard about Singles 50 reviews. So far it has an unblemished trajectory and as follow with privacy and security regulations, they will continue to have a good reputation.

Do not waste time on appointment pages that do not work. Singles 50 Guarantees that you will have, at least 10 contacts during your subscription, and at the best price. If you are interested, you can now register for free! You can be sure that it will be worth it.

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