Parship Reviews: Features and analysis of what this page of appointments brings for you

In Search of Parship reviews? The first thing you have to know is that we are talking about a renowned appointment page in Europe. A platform with approximately 11 million registered and active users in search of a serious and long-term relationship. Parship was launched in Germany a Valentine's Day at the beginning of the 21st century. Its popularity has been due to its most interesting and effective approach to psychoanalysis. In fact, they are psychoanalyst professionals who supervise the operation of the platform and force each day with a day when Parship is part of the elite among the best appointment pages.

8.7 Total Score

Appointment page par excellence and with great reputation throughout the continent. It is reference for many and is positioned with the best percentage of success among many platforms. It has everything you need to find a stable couple thanks to different personality tests and algorithm that suggests profiles to other users.

  • It has the highest success rate of all similar appointment pages
  • He has a fairly broad community throughout Europe
  • It is conducted and managed by psychoanalysts that for the software to drive the most compatible people
  • It is not so effective for singles under 25 years.
User rating: two.67 (6 votes)

It is so much so, that the algorithm used to join people is so efficient, that it has cast land by means of its competitors. The percentage of people who get a successful relationship Round 38%. Undoubtedly, one of the highest on the Internet.

Parship logo. Red background and white letters

Even more, Parship is considered a Top page for reliability, safety and seriousness in all its operation. Therefore, mostly, people who make use of the platform are professionals, single adults in search of a serious, durable and romantic relationship. In that aspect it can be compared to a place of appointments for adults highly recommended. Read about the characteristics of this site and Opinions on Be2.

Create a profile at no cost in Parship, look all the people who are part of this great community and it will take you very little to find a partner. When it comes to joining a dating page with positive reputation, I recommend using Parship. Join now with this button:

Register in Parship is free

Indeed, join the community Parship comes at zero cost. But, how is the registry theme? First of all, I can highlight that it is very short, so it will barely take about fifteen minutes when a lot. Everything starts by entering your Facebook account or email in the registration form. That will take just a couple of minutes.

However, most of this time is at the rate of the psychometric test to define personality. There you will find some questions like what is color of your eyes and features of your personality.

Go to the Personality Test of Parship Reviews

After this process completed, the user will already have access to the platform as such. It is also true that few features will be available. However, the tools of Matching They will be fully open.

A function that will remain block will be to open messages. For now, it is possible to send breaks to potential profiles. You can also take a look at the registered profiles, but unfortunately, your photos will remain unfocused.

But do not worry, because just by acquiring gold or silver memberships you will get all the functions that Parship has developed. And I swear that they are a pass. And not only me, in fact, all those who use the site have the same parship reviews.

Make contact in Parship

The (only) Purpose of those who enter U NA Appointment page, is interacting with others and getting an appointment. For that, there are tools that lead directly to the contact. In this case, Parship has some features. However, you will not be able to use them all without first completing, at least 50% of your profile. Also, there are certain features that are only activated when you get a payment subscription.

In addition to the usual exchange of messages of any other platform, you can also give "I like" and send icebreakers and smiles, but I will talk about that later.

Parship's profilement views

In general, a 100% full profile in Parship offers the most relevant information of each individual. We will have access to it while we have the consent of the owner.

What can be seen in a profile? First, the good organization of the same. Thank you, to a large extent, to the good design of the site. The profiles must be as detailed and informative as possible. Parship rewards full profiles 100% in good way.

A full profile is more visible when it is better placed in search engines. This does not imply that the user should show private information, such as personal data, much less.

On the other hand, only those who acquire premium membership can navigate freely among the other profiles. Another great difference is that, instead of showing the name or alias of the user, a person with Premium Membership shows his profession.

Finally, a full profile to the maximum is more effective and accurate when using the tool Level of compatibility. The efficiency of the same lies in how much information appears in the platform database.

Design and versatility view of Parship

Minimalist profile home screen in Parship

Parship and the designers of the platform have done an outstanding job in terms of appearance. Anyone can navigate without any problem thanks to a simple, very clean and organized appearance. At the same time this gives you the necessary touch to look modern and be one of the most friendly sites for the user.

Its scarce graphic elements on the background accompanied by red and white represent Parship. The style of the fountains favors reading and, without a doubt, is one of the highest points and the reason for receiving quantuous Parship positive reviews.

Follow our recommendations and try with Parship. It is a completely pleasant experience from the moment of registration. Check it yourself by clicking and checking in a few minutes.

Special features

The most difficult step on any appointment web page is to get a first contact with a user. To minimize this huge barrier, Parship has designed various tools very useful when it comes to getting in touch with the candidate who has caught our attention.

Compatibility test

Being a site that is 100% directed to people in search of a serious relationship, this personality scientific test is an ultra method to create an accurate and precise profile on each individual. Its objective is to evaluate the different details of the personality, as well as the user's answers in certain situations.

The thrown results are used as a basis when filtering the potential candidates. In other words, the result of compatibility will determine if the person who interests you or the thrown outcomes would be appropriate couples.

This test was developed by the psychologist Hugo Schmale, who has developed a profound research on how relations and compatibility work.

The test covers areas such as lifestyle, interest, objectives and, of course, personality. After completing the test, then you will receive suggestions with the most convenient profiles.


The only purpose is to wink that profile that calls you so much attention and with which you want to interact. It's fantastic to break the ice.

Test icebreaker

This is also an excellent way to Start contact with other people from the community Parship. Unlike a smile, This test helps determine if you and another member shares various points of view about life.

It works more or less in this way: After sending the icebreaker to the profile that interests you, a small questionnaire that contains 4 questions will be deployed. Both you, and the other profile should answer them and after sending them, the platform will analyze the answers.

Level of compatibility

It is one of my favorite tools. When you visit any profile, you will instantly see a summary about the compatibility that exists between you. The analysis is based on the personality, interests and habits of both individuals.

Two profiles, man and woman with 92 matching points in Parship Reviews

Safety Parship: Reviews

In Parship, the subject of security is very important. That's why, from the first moment, Parship strives to make the user feel that he is in good hands. For example, each person is awarded an ID number, while the address information, phone numbers, name and other personal data are protected by own system of the page.

While the user wants it, he can communicate with the rest through anonymous messages. Depends on the user provide additional information. Other alternatives are to prevent a certain user from watching your profile picture, specify which members can see it, among others.

From the same record, Parship makes it clear that it is a very professional site. If you have already tried another platform, you will notice the difference immediately. Parship offers the necessary procedures to reduce abuses and all within a few clicks. It is very simple to block and report a contact. Parship is very severe with these measures, even when it is suspected that a profile is Fake.

Another page of quotes really safe, even though it has so many millions of users is meetic. By the way, this is What we think about Meetic.

Premium membership: prices

Payment Subscription Price Box

Register in Parship is free. And with this subscription you can create your profile, upload pictures, complete the personality questionnaire, send icebreakers, look for profiles, among others. However, there are a lot of functionalities that are only activated with the payment membership.

But it is not the only advantage. In addition, you will receive a personality analysis much more complete and detailed, share photographs, send contact requests, personalized attention and more. But, how much does it cost to be part of a page of citations of the most respected?

It is curious that Parship in US offers 3 names to their memberships (light, classic and comfort), but cost exactly the same: 34.90€ a month. A priori, it can be considered that it has a price not so accessible and there are parship opinions about it, however, Parship is a guarantee of success. It's a matter of acquire the premium subscription and the opportunities to flirt are left. But really what is worth more than opportunities, is the quality of the people who make up this incredible platform.

Dare and give a chance to Parship. Sign up for free Now that you can, complete the profile properly and it's a matter of time for you to find a couple like you are looking for it. Be happy!

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