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If you are looking for a couple, or you simply want to make new friendships with single people like you, Meetic has a quite acceptable opinion among its customers. If what you are looking for are contacts to link quickly, you will surely find other options that fit more in your way of understanding human relationships. In that case, your opinion will not be so positive, maybe because you are in the wrong place. There may be all kinds about Meetic, and this includes some reasonable complaints that are repeated in the forums. But if you want to train your own opinion, you can register for free and try Meetic for three days. Here is our opinion about Meetic, one of the Top appointment pages.

9.5 Total Score

Meetic is clearly one of the pages to get a couple with a better reputation from all over US and the rest of Europe. It has earned a good reputation thanks to the excellent results that the users get and show it the good average of good opinions on the Internet and on this site.

Value for money
  • It is a platform widely recognized in US and the rest of Europe.
  • Gather a large number of users and opportunities to know different people.
  • Offers 3 free trial days to test the service.
  • The profile completion can be enough time.
  • You have to pay extra money to enjoy other services outside of membership.
User rating: 3.36 (67 votes)

What is said about meetic In the net

Opinions on any dating platform are determined by different factors such as efficiency - that is, if it really serves for your interests -, the number of users available, the profile veracity, the use of use of applications, the price, and the quality of customer service.

To put ourselves in context, you have to keep in mind that Meetic is a platform a little more "serious" than tinder, but more informal than edarling. We could say that Meetic is in an intermediate area between the serious websites and the applications to flirt. The users of this platform are located in the strip between 26 and 40 years, and in general they have a greater willingness to pay for services.

In any case, when it comes to collecting in the Network's opinions on a Dating platform, it is necessary to take into account several factors that can distort reality. One of them are the "sponsored opinions", which are very easy to identify, when you verify that a website or an article shows only positive opinions on a certain product or service. Another distortion effect are trolls that flood forums with exaggeratedly negative opinions, which are suspiciously accompanied by an invitation to change platform. And finally, remember that we are human and that people, sometimes, do not tell the truth.

In the section of negative opinions on Meetic, most of them focuses on economic issues such as automatic renovation of quotas - you have to read the small print to avoid this situation - or the alleged obstacles that Meetic puts at the time of drop out. Many complaints about bad experiences lived during appointments can also be read in the forums, or because of the lack of user sincerity that "are not those who claim to be". Although these aspects, the truth, are alien to the dating platforms and have to see more with human behavior in general.


The effectiveness of Meetic

The time factor is something that is worth a lot in certain profiles of single people. The most common complaints are of the "I have more than three months in Meetic and I have not yet linked". Instead, Meetic opinions regarding its effectiveness are more positive among users who are only looking to meet new people, and participate in events and parties for single people who organize the platform. In this sense Meetic makes the difference with other platforms precisely because it organizes parties and there In the real world, in a collective environment that facilitates the first step in any human relationship: break the ice.

opinions Meetic

The degree of satisfaction will always depend on the comparison between expectations and the result. That's why Meetic has enough acceptance between that kind of people with a more sociable character. We are referring to singles and singles who come to this type of parties and events - cooking workshops, excursions, etc. - With an open attitude, people who do not really expect anything else to meet new people. In fact, events are what encourages people to sign up to Meetic.

There are also opinions that question Meetic's efficiency when it comes to finding a compatible partner, although it is recognized that the task is easier when you access Premium Services. Especially if you are upset in searching, screening and filtering to find that special person you are looking for.

Surely you have heard about Edarling and then you have doubts about which page of appointments is better. The information that will be of help is to have a Comparison between Meetic or Edarling.

How many people are there in Meetic?

Although the web does not show concrete figures on the number of users, it can be said that Meetic is one of the most popular in US and throughout Europe. For this reason, opinions are usually positive with regard to the number of users and users available. In the mind of a single, or a single, calm down to know that "there are more fish in the sea". It is clear that the chances of finding a couple, or to meet other single people, are greater depending on the number of people who share the same network.


Are there profiles "Ghost" in Meetic? Surely yes, or at least that comes from opinions in the forums. But it is quite likely that Meetic will have a lower number of these profiles in which there is no one behind, since the questionnaire that is filled out when registering is more thorough than that of lick websites. This initial effort, and the fee that users pay, are elements that discourage the proliferation of those false profiles that are usually created to "Curious".

The good thing that Meetic has in this aspect, and that makes the difference with other applications, is that much attention is paid to the organization of parties and other events in the physical world. This takes care of the debate about whether the profile is false or not. Because at the end what matters is that you will find you face to face with other singles and single, which is what it is about. What can never be missing are some keys to succeed at the time of ligating on this platform, so You must read some Tips and tricks to use Meetic.


Meetic reviews

The price of Meetic

The most common complaints about websites and apply applications in general, Meetic included, come from the fact of having to pay an extra to access different Premium Services. So far it might seem an innocent complaint, but it is not so much the opinion that dating platforms can hide important information in the small print. That is why the section of conditions should be read well.

If we review the opinions on Meetic in the forums, we check that the usual complaints are repeated on other platforms in the sector. These are issues as not properly informing the automatic collection of the quota, improper payment for unquested services, and obstacles when claiming. Given the severity of such accusations, we have consulted on the web of the consumer and user office to verify that, indeed, there are some documented complaints about it. Although it is true, we repeat, that this problem extends to other dating platforms.

In the positive part about Meetic prices you have to mention the offer of 3 days free, which is the usual method to capture users. These offers consist of a test period that allows potential users to build their own opinions about Meeth before making the payment of the fee. Eye! Remember to give you down within the dates mentioned in the conditions of use, to avoid surprises. However, we also prepare all the details in case you want to know How much does Meetic cost?. 

Ease of use and customer service

Register in Meetic can take about half an hour. Maybe it's too long for the most impatient users, who would be better on the pure and hard lick platforms. But the effort to fill Meetic questionnaires has its reward because it serves as a filter when it comes to finding single people related to you, or even your future partner. And also, this discouraged effort when it comes to creating false profiles, which are a plague on dating websites.

Meetic customer service is reduced to the email channel. There is no phone number to call, and it will not be because of the absence of claims, which can generate some frustration. Meetic's opinions in this aspect are quite negative, and this is a complaint that appears repeatedly in the forums, reflecting with different words the bad experiences of some users with respect to this problem.

You saw that there are similarities between Meetic and Edarling, but if you want another option to contrast, or simply interest you another page, too We talk to you and we have What we think about BE2.

Summary of opinions about Meetic

The different opinions on Meetic found in the network, both in forums and specialized websites, depend on the relationship between expectations by the user and the final result. The forums are populated with opinions suspiciously favorable and suspiciously negative. But there is a midpoint at which opinions coincide: Meetic is a good place to meet new people, but finding the ideal couple here is a bit more difficult. And on the purely negative side, similar complaints are repeated on other platforms, especially as regards the lack of transparency on the final cost of the services provided.

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