Meetic Free & # 8211; Some tricks to start

Can I sign up for Meetic for free? Yes, of course. The free registration is a usual procedure in dating applications, and has its logic because it is something that benefits both parties, both to the company and the potential user.

Thanks to the free registration, as a new Meetic user you will have the opportunity to partially check the general functioning of the application, providing the basic information to get an idea about whether Meetic offers what you are looking for. On the other hand, with the free registration, Meetic ensures a good "hook" to attract new potential customers, creating sufficient curiosity so that we decide to take the following step: pay the fee and premium options.

How does Meetic work??

Is the free version of Meetic, to find a partner or to meet new friendships?? That is already a bit more complicated to value, but you can always try some tricks, especially if you are a man, because the truth is that girls have it easier when getting positive results using meetic free.

But let's go back to the part on "Use Meetic Free". Once you have provided a name and an email, the next step consists of filling out the forms with personalized information about yourself, and about the type of friendship or couple you are looking for. Issues such as age, affinities, and other information of interest that allow Meetic to find the kind of person you would like to find. Also, now you can enjoy the payment version with the offer of three days for free. Click on the following image.

Meetic Free

It is important to remember that sincerity is an essential element when contributing to data about you, since it is assumed that the purpose of all this is no other than knowing real people, meat and blood. And as the saying goes, "Lying has very short legs".

Up to this moment, Meetic has not yet asked you to pay data, so you can start cursing with the tranquility that there is no card or bank account at stake. And here the fun part begins.

What you can do for free in meetic

Once you have created your free account, you can access the search for profiles of other users and users. Some profiles that, do not forget, have been selected taking into account the filters that you have previously activated when registering. Logically, the more complete the information you have contributed, the easier you will find.

In the same way, the more specific your priorities are about the people who are interested in knowing, the more opportunities you will have to be successful in your search. Instead, if your strategy is more quantitative than qualitative because you want to have a broader spectrum where you can always leave without filling some data. In this case, ambiguity plays in your favor. It is not even mandatory to upload a photo, so you can navigate with a certain privacy.

Try free Meetic

If you want to continue trying meetic for free, you will basically be able to do three things: throw "arrows", send a questionnaire to other users or users, and go to the events that Meetic organizes in some place in your area.


I already have meetic for free. Where do I begin?

The first step is to visualize in the "Carousel" the profiles successively, eliminating those who are not interested, or launching a "crush" to the contacts that you like, or that they simply cause you curiosity. The "carousel" is the name that Meetic uses to refer to the succession of profiles available, and works in a similar way to other applications.

A friend of mine tells me that she was riddled to arrows from the first minute, right after registering in Meetic - yes, free-, and she says that this is usually the usual, considering that more than 60% of the contacts are males. In any case, the boys also received arrows, but many less than the girls, and for the same reason.

From the Meetic website it is recommended that, in addition to routing to shoot themselves at everything that moves, we take a while to write a personalized message, since the arrows are too easy to use, and therefore can be cold and impersonal. Everything seems to indicate that this advice is addressed more to the boys than the girls. For the same reason.

More Tricks: Questionnaire and Favorites List

Another way to show your interest in a user / user is to click on "Yes" in your profile, with which you add that contact to your favorites list. And as in the case of the arrows, the person in question will receive a notice that informs you of your interest in it. And when a match occurs, Meetic sends the two-part the message "you liked".

Once you have found someone special, you can try to know something more about that person by sending him a questionnaire, inviting him to answer your questions. Also, when you send a Meetic questionnaire, you can take advantage to add a note at the end, so you make a new way to get a custom message.

Sign up for Meetic events

So far the free tools of Meetic. What else can be done, without having to go by block? Meetic organizes several events for its users periodically - parties in bars, etc. -, and that includes users of the free option. In addition, once you receive the invitation, you can also invite three more people even if they are not registered on the platform.

Free Events Meetic

There are another type of events such as courses - cooking, dance, etc. - Or the excursions, which are always of payment. But you can sign up for the "unequadas" in places in your area, which are precisely the hallmark of Meetic and one of the keys of its success, because they offer the possibility of breaking the ice to engage friends with single people in a Distended and collective atmosphere, which provides a sense of belonging to a community.

What you can not do with meetic for free

Prepared for bad news? Messaging and chat are of payment. Indeed, as often happens in other aspects of life, we sometimes stay with the feeling that Meetic's free tools are designed to get honey on their lips. If you want to enjoy more services, you are going to play. How is it done, and how much does it cost? Take a look at the different options, if only to see what you are missing.

  • The "Zen" option costs € 6.99 per month, and allows you to do several things: manage your contacts with total freedom, choose who you can contact you through the portal, order readings of reading your messages, the mode option " Not available "and activate the" Absence Manager.
  • The "Premium" option costs € 9.99 per month, and allows you to enjoy a more complete experience: you can offer all users and users free contact with you; You can be presented as a priority to the new registered contacts; Your profile appears indicated as a premium user.
  • Premium + Zen costs € 14.99 per month, and you can do everything mentioned in the two previous options.

Are there other ways to have Meetic for free?

Even if it seems impossible, you can still have more options to handle Meetic for free, and even access some tools that are for exclusive use for payment versions. We are talking about Meetic offers for free - for three or seven days -, and from the different coupons you can find in specialized websites.

Periodically, Meetic offers the option of getting three free days at the time of registering, so you can access services and tools that are left out of the free version. This is the best way to know thoroughly the functioning of the dating platform. If you dare to enter, you can now try Meetic without using a credit card. Take advantage of the three-day offer free!

As for the coupons, it is a matter of looking for them in the network. Are similar to Meetic offers, that is, three or seven days for free, but they are not always available, so you have to be aware of everything that moves on the appointment websites and in the forums, to be the first and not stay out.

If you still do not have it clear, you can take a look at the opinions that appear on Meetic in the forums and specialized websites in Dating. Or if you prefer, you can Read Las Opinions on Meetic that we have selected for you.

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