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When it comes to seeking relationships without commitments or bonds, the online ligar pages are one of the best options. If you are looking for an interesting page that allows you to have pleasurable and free sexual sex, you may have a look at what you will find about Follages Opinions and on all the functions that this site offers. Will you have enough to stay on the top of the best appointment pages?

8.5 Total Score

Follaigas is a more casual dating site, looking for quick contacts so that your users can find a partner. It focuses more on casual encounters and with a younger community.

Value for money
  • The tools in the payment version are varied and useful.
  • It is entertaining and any exceeds excellent on this website.
  • Registration in Follaigas is fast and friendly.
  • False profiles appear with some regularity.
  • Your subscription price is slightly above average.
  • The user community is not so wide, although it grows accelerated.
User rating: two.33 (12 votes)

The name of this platform comes from a Spanish term that is associated with some others such as friendvios or friends with law, that is, a follaigo will be your partner of direct sexual encounters and without taboos with whom you can live experiences at ease without having to formalize a relationship.

Find fun where you are with people who really like to know. Live an adventure and pass it great in Follaigas, The ideal place to get casual appointments in US.

The first steps and registration

At the time you access follages you must give some very simple data about your person (no password is required) and you can start for free. It is also suggested to start adding information as your profile picture and physical characteristics, which allow other people to find you in accordance with your personal tastes. That is, the more information you give, the more effective your meeting will be.

From this moment you can navigate on the site and see the different profiles of people, as well as assessing what so many are looking for the same things that you are a sporadic appointment, a friend to fuck, a companion of travel and adventures, a follaigo one night, etc.

But when you want to start chatting and adding friends, you will not be able to do it until you become vip, that is, the payment version of follaigas.

Follages Opinions


First of all, it is important to note that about follages opinions there are of all kinds on the Internet, be negative or positive. Many consider it a scam and it is one of the most criticized websites on online dating. However, a possible reason for this is that the prices are a little higher than the average as to pages of ligar.

The fact is that, being a platform for adults who want real sexual experiences and not "games of children", the VIP version of this page can offer you great advantages and opportunities to meet your appointment in person and without taboos.

With FOLLIGIS you will be able to choose between being elite or VIP, and you can acquire monthly, quarterly or semi-annual plans, which are automatically renewed if you do not cancel them in advance.

But before venturing into any of the plans, you offer you the advantage of trying the elite plan for 3 days for only 5 euros, which is highly recommended so that you can verify if you like the tools on the page before paying.

Acquire the 3-day test at a better price by registering through this button. Take advantage of all the options for the subscription and with luck in a couple of days you will be linking with new people.

Advantages of the version payment of follages reviews

Obviously, with free follaigas you can not do anything else to explore some profiles and see how the page works. Then you should do elite or vip if you want to start chat with people.

With the elite version you can:

  • Read and send messages
  • Create an album of photographs
  • Save to your favorite profiles
  • See the photos of others (if not, look blurred)
  • Access the blog
  • Share any file by chat
  • Search profiles in a personalized way

The advantage of going from elite to VIP is that, in addition to all the previous accesses, you can send messages unlimitedly and you will appear among the first when someone looks for profiles in your city of residence.


Quality of profiles

The problem with many websites to link is that not always with reliable and tend to be full of false profiles, usually of girls who write to men always saying the same kind of thing.

About FOLLICTS Entreprees reveal to us that, indeed there are false profiles, however, it is not one of the most and in fact there are many functionalities to make sure you are talking to a real person.

According to the comments of people on the Internet, the false profiles are recognized because their photos do not see clear and are, rather, blurred, besides that they are always "girls" and always repeat the same phrases.

But different tests have shown that perhaps these false profiles are about just 20% of the whole community in follages and that no page or ligar app is completely clean of false profiles.

The most advisable thing is that you look with your own eyes and do the 3-day test as elite for 5 euros. You will see if it really works you to contact real people and even if you get to plan an out of the internet.

Customer service in Follaigas

Inquiring about follages User reviews who have already tried the website, you can see how many complain about customer service, being characterized as slow and uncomfortable since they do not respond immediately and do not have the live chat as Other websites.

The truth is that evidently the response time can take up to half a day, but the answers arrive and are true. The service service exists on this page and you can always be treated if you had a problem with the page. The way to contact them is by email and is demonstrated safely.

Conclusion about follages reviews

With more than 200.000 users, it is expected to arise about follagas diverse opinions and different points of view. In conclusion, we can say that we are in front of a web made for adults, a little more expensive than others, but with several advanced options.

It can be highlighted and appreciated the positive point of being able to try the whole web for little money, something that few ligar sites offer and that demonstrates greater transparency on the part of the website that allows you to explore it without commitments.

In general, FOLLIGIS will be for you if you are looking for fun sexual sporadic meetings, without pressure or if you rather you want conversations and fun and seductive photos to have other experiences in your loving and sexual life.

Join the most fun community and with which it happens better throughout US. Meet guys and girls near you who want to enjoy an adventure. Complete the super fast record of follaigas and you'll be inside to flirt big.

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