What about a date when it comes to the first: 15 topics that give to chat fluently

Who has not felt nervous at a first date? Probably all, because the truth is that it is not a situation so relaxing. Just thinking, they are two strangers trying to meet, but at the same time, everyone tries to impress and please the other, taking care that that time is fun. It seems simple, but it is not so much. That's why, before this meeting takes place, You must have in mind what to talk about an appointment and be prepared with some questions so that the conversation always flows.

When there is a lot of chemistry in the couple, the appointment always takes place very naturally. However, it is not always so easy to be in that scenario. Knowing that, A good idea is to prepare a plan that goes beyond the place you are going to visit and the activities that you have proposed, this should include knowing what to talk about in an appointment.

Believe me that being prepared in all the senses will help you enjoy it more, to you and your girl or boy. With this I do not want to say that you will have to study the speech and the questions as an exam. Actually, the important thing is that you feel at least moderately safe at the appointment because it will help you spend a better time. When you feel confidence, too you feel quieter and relaxed, the tension decreases and you are able to have fun more. This leads to the conversation also more entertaining and both go better.

In this article you will find the tools and excellent ideas to arrive prepared to that first appointment with 15 themes that you can talk about.

1. What to talk about an appointment? Start by admit that you are a little nervous

A good idea is to recognize that you feel a little nervous at the beginning of the appointment. Although maybe you are taking it pretty well, I could serve to calm a little the nerves of your partner. The benefit of mentioning this little fact is that both will feel more calm, you will download the pressure, you will take a smile And that's start with the right foot. On the other hand, being honest is important and more if it comes to expressing how you feel. Yes, do not abuse because you should also give you the opportunity to the other to express yourself and ask questions.

What to talk about in an appointment: Nervous

two. What do you call 'home'?

Probably, you live and work in the same city, but what do you call 'home'? Home can be a place very different from yours and change from person in person. For example, it could be the place where he grew up or where he was born. Maybe it could be the place where you have more memories, among others. It's fantastic to know that because It helps us understand a little about the course of the life of the other, get an idea where your heart is and what does most care about. Undoubtedly, to have something interesting about what to talk with a girl, touch the home theme.

3. Do you have a favorite place to visit?

This is also an excellent question to start if you do not know what to talk about at a first date. After all, who does not like to travel, get to know new places and explore? People love the beach, the mountain, the metropolis, among others. The point is that you will have some place in common that you love to visit. While it is a question whose response it would seem to be brief, this topic always leads to remember travel stories, special moments in those places or even, chat about a possible next trip. It is precisely what we want, talk freely from what we know, of what we like.

What to talk about on an appointment on the beach

4. What would you like to fulfill before dying?

We all dream of fulfilling certain goals or desires before dying. Some people have a clearly defined list of what they want and go crouching as they are fulfilling them. Others have not written a list as such, but ideas are clear. This is a fantastic conversation theme that gives to spread a lot. Even, You may even take ideas from each other and that you could meet together in the future.

With this question you can know what are the biggest dreams of that person and their ambitions. Even if it is not in writing, we all have a list of what we want to achieve, even if we are not even aware. Like human beings, we dream, big or on a smaller scale. How fun this question is that it is almost impossible to guess with what response you will find. What if he tells you that he wants to build a music school, or participate in the Olympics, visit a remote island of the Pacific? Anyway, you will get enough information.

5. What do you like to do when leaving work?

Depending on the work, it is most likely that this is something routine, that does not vary too much one day after another. What comes after work is more changing and what interests us to know. Find out how the rest of your day is going and on weekends. How it releases fatigue and relaxes. Hopefully, You will discover certain activities in common and all that is adding. Maybe you like to see Netflix or go to the gym, practice some musical instrument or cook.

What to talk about a work appointment

6. What to talk about at a first date: About the family

The family is a great influence for all and molds us from childhood. When you ask someone about your family, it will help you understand better who are now and why. On the other hand, if it is a very familiar people, you may want to talk a lot, describe your brothers, your parents and what they do, for example. In case for a reason the conversation has stagnated, talking about the family will break that uncomfortable moment and you will put you to speak. Leave this topic as a wildcard for when a similar scenario is presented.

Other things you could discover is if you are very close to your family, or if on the contrary, it is more lonely or created your own family with friends.

7. What are your biggest fears?

You may not want to open yourself completely and tell you because maybe they are very personal. However, there will always be something to say, probably something basic as fear of heights, closed places or spiders. If you are more fortunate or she feels enough confidence, he will dare to open enough to tell you more in depth. To become like that, it is an indicative that the appointment goes well, that it feels comfortable. The biggest and most frequent fears of people is losing a loved one or even, reaching old without reaching their goals, full of repentments because they did not strive enough, among others.

Fears of a person when leaving

8. What make you laugh?

There is a strong contrast between this question and the previous one. It serves to raise the mood during the appointment and it gives you great clues and ideas so that it was laughing with you. Actually, This is a question that should not be missing. We are all happy when we laughed and if for example, it likes Stand-up, You already know that if you get a second appointment, then go to a comedy show could be an excellent idea.

9. What do you think are your best qualities?

This is a crucial question to meet that person. Know or do not know what to talk about at a first date, this is a question that must never be missing. Depending on the person, this question may be a bit complicated and that they are difficult for them to say something good about them, but we will immediately know that there is a lack of confidence in themselves. Also, are those who can not stop talking about them, who tell you an endless list coming to seem arrogant. Regardless of the case, this is a fantastic way of discover who is actually the person with whom you are dating and what you think of herself.

Mention special qualities

10. Who are you talking to more?

It seems a not so important question, in fact, it is most likely that you do not know the names of the people that she mentions. You will have to refer with who these people are for her, for example, her dad, her best friend, her companion of her, among others. But if we believe that we are the result of the five people with whom we surround ourselves, then we can get more information than it seems. Consider also that she will feel better talking about the people she knows very well.

eleven. What topics do you know a lot?

This question is super fun because it touches a very strong point of your appointment, what you like, and She will be more than happy to talk about it. Maybe they are the series, then you will mention the favorite series of it, when she saw them and his point of view. Maybe she loves music and collects albums from hundreds of artists. Maybe she turns out to be an artist and discover that she loves to paint or draw as much as you. The list is endless and it is most likely to give to talk a long time, maybe even the issue of which you talk the most, even more so if you have something in common. If you really want to have to talk about on an appointment, this question can not be overlooked.

12. What would be your perfect day?

Once again, it is a very open question, thus expanding a sea of ​​possibilities in the answers. The broader they are, the more information you will have, less chances of uncomfortable silences will occur and the tension will be reduced. The perfect day of everyone could go from spending all day on a river, reading a book entirely, spend an afternoon of video games or even go to buy clothes in the mall. Remember that all your answers will say a lot of who it is and if it is definitely chemistry or not among you. Maybe your perfect day has nothing to do with yours because you prefer to be in the park with the family doing a picnic.

Who do you like to talk about

13. How were you in your childhood?

It is a special topic that you will like to share. What we are today is thanks to all our past, from childhood. Know a bit of your childhood, your habits, behaviors and hobbies It's a nice way of understanding why we are like we are. This question is better to do it after you are sure that both feel more in confidence.

14. Do you like to cook? What do you like to cook?

It could be a very productive question in case it is affirmative. The food is something that we all love, but not we all like the same. Anyway, if you own some skills in the kitchen, it could be a very good question since it will allow you to express it and to (all) women like a man who knows how to cook. If at the end it turns out that neither of them know how to cook, Do not you think it would be an interesting idea that at the next appointment you are going to a basic cooking class? It would be very funny.

In fact, you can read our article of all the places you could visit on a first date and you will find the idea of ​​going to a kitchen class. If you are not sure of the place to visit on your first date, I recommend you go straight to our article: 9 ideal places for a first date.

What to talk about at a date: Kitchen

fifteen. What would you do if tomorrow you will win a million euros?

It's about a fun question about what to talk with a girl you like, more than anything, but attention, that She gives us many tracks of what is truly important for this person. How similar is the life that wearing with which I would like to have? Anyway, human beings who are happy with what they have and with those around them, in the end do not want such radical changes in their life. Think of you also that you would do a million euros.

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