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When it comes to pages and applications to meet new people and find a sporadic partner, options are not missing on the Internet. Between so many, Lovoo is one of those who has had a high growth in recent times, mainly due to the constant advertising that has been disclosing. The variety of Opinions about Lovoo It also abounds in the network and therefore it is important that before signing up, know in detail what the real users think they decided to apply this dating method online. But do not stay alone with this option, I invite you to also see the top with the Better applications to flirt for free.

6.5 Total Score

Appointment page mainly aimed at young people, not over 35 who mostly seek temporary relationships and more than anything a bit of fun. It is available for use on mobiles with Android or iOS.

Value for money
  • It has a rapid growth of users.
  • The user enjoys privacy.
  • Subscription prices are within the average.
  • The payment subscription does not add many new functions.
  • It is usual to meet with false or empty profiles.
  • Mostly there are only young people.
User rating: two.67 (6 votes)

What is Lovoo about and how to install it?

For all, Lovoo is basically a new version of Badoo with new features, the main objective by signing up Lovoo is linking and finding a couple. It is a young and active platform, which encourages you to have fun and not to be very serious.

In this way, the application can be downloaded through Google Play or iTunes. For users Register is very easy and fast, and you should only place your email and password, or choose to use your Facebook account.

After registering, and as in all other applications to link, it will be advisable that you upload a photo, which you can, in addition, confirm following a series of steps that tells you the page. The objective of this confirmation is that the other users know that you are actually and not a false profile.

If you also want to use Lovoo on your computer and not just on your phone, you can do it easily. However there are slight differences and here you can find its operation and What we think of Lovoo PC.


Opinions about Lovoo

What users say about Lovoo's functionalities

It is increasingly important to know the opinions of the users of any online dating platform, since they have been popularized too much and, with the high competition, the false profiles do not stop abundant in the market. However, it is important to consider where the opinions come from, which may be influenced by factors such as the age of the user and comparison to the majority public of the APP, their particular interests and even the existence of negative comments sponsored by other entities.

The opinions about Lovoo are quite positive As for the options with which you account for ligar. The main attractive function is the famous Match, which allows you to point with a heart to the people you like and with an eocis that you do not like.

In this app, the geolocation service is highlighted, which, once active, will serve you to find sex people of your preference at a distance next to you, which is also very beneficial to know that you can really meet that person and that It is not a false profile.

Lovoo Reviews

Opinions about Lovoo: VIP Options

In this section, criticism between Lovoo's opinions, and is that, if you are not VIP or if you do not pay 20 credits, you can not see the photo of the people who have given you Match and who want to meet you, with clarity, that is, they appear blurry and even the name appears without some letters, making communication a lot.

Evidently this is a technique performed by LOVOO to provoke users to subscribe to VIP Service. However, it is not the first time that an App to Ligar uses similar techniques and there are many who affirm to be able to use the service for free and get them to stay with new people without having to see their photo clearly. In the end it will be free to use the chat and you can talk to whom you want.

Highest prices?

To access the VIP LoVOO function, there are 4 different plans that differ according to the duration. The opinions about Lovoo In terms of prices, they suggest that it has been a great advantage for users that the APP indicates what will be spending per week, since this way it is easier to understand the investment that is made. On the other hand, criticisms suggest that prices are quite affordable if we compare them with other online dating websites.

But then what do you feel with being VIP? Well, this option allows you to hide the views you make from other profiles to see all you want without being noticed, see all the likes and profile views that you have gotten quickly, you have an unlimited number of I like to make Match, you Pounds of advertising, accounts with a triple of more chat number, you will make others find you faster and you will receive this more comments.

There are many who consider that these advantages are not the great thing and it is preferable to use Lovoo for free, because at the end it will work very well to flirt and meet people easily. However, it is evident that this function may be interesting for many and that spending is not excessive, being from 2.00 to 0.94 per week.

Are there fake profiles in Lovoo?

If you go to the forums, comments and opinions about Lovoo, you will understand that it is very likely that in Lovoo there are some false profiles. Some even denounce the great abundance of these.

It is important to understand that the predecessor of Lovoo, Badoo, failed a lot in this aspect, giving a little bad fame to these applications, but this time there are options that can make us feel a little safer.

Lovoo Reviews

Initially, Lovoo offers free credits to people who, when placing their profile picture, validate, making some grimaces and movements indicating the program, which can be very interesting to be able to trust users. In addition, the location radar is a way of finding yourself with people close to you and not wasting time with profiles on the other side of the world that can really be false. So you increase the chances of enjoying your sporadic citations without being cheated.

The practicality and overview of Lovoo

Lovoo is a pretty practical app, it is very aimed at a young audience. Users mention that they rarely found a girl or boy over 30 years old. In this way, registering is super simple and navigating the options is also.

However, this may not be attractive for those who seek a deeper appointment or find their "twin soul". Other online appointment apps offer you the opportunity to place your specific characteristics such as height, hair color, and other physical aspects, so that if what you want is fast, fun and sensual, this can be the ideal app for you.

There are other pages with a similar style and that you might interest you, so here I leave you too C-DATE ANALYSIS.

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