How to know if a man is in love: 9 unmistakable symptoms

Do you love me or do not love me? A headache for many women. The problem is that most do not know how to identify the symptoms or signs of a man when he feels something deep for her. The worst thing is that the ideas they have on their head of a man in love have been preconceived thanks to romantic movies or film stories. In this way, it is complicated that we can recognize the signs when a man is truly in love. While men by nature are less emotionally complex than women, and even, they can be more predictable, there are ways to know how to read their behavior and decipher them more successfully. If you are worried about you How to know if a man is in love with you, Stay to see these 9 Symptoms of a man who likes a girl.

1. A look that says more than words

The power of a look is incomparable, sometimes only need to know interpret it. You already realized how that boy looks at you every time you are close? You can barely believe that you are real. And I'm not talking about a lustful look at your attributes and that makes you feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, a man in love conveys with the look of him amazement, calm and serenity. He only has eyes for you at that moment.

Besides the way he looks at you, the most resealing is the frequency. You can barely control it. It does not matter if you are close or one at each end, the look of it will always go towards you. Of course, as humans that we are, it is inevitable not to feel other desires, however, love is easily manifested with those looks.

Man looking in love

two. Seeks to be closer to you physically

The approach is the strongest signal that a boy is interested in you. Sometimes I could sound a bit obvious, but we do not always realize. Sometimes, they are our friends who noticed it first, therefore, squeezes a little and look at those details first. He will try to make visual and physical contact frequently. Also compare the approach of it with other girls that surround it. If you perceive greater approach with you, clearly the interest of it is to move on to a more serious relationship. You are physically attracted to you! He wants to feel and wish I could be more time with you. It is a very important signal and that's why you should pay attention to this from the first moment.

How a man is approaching a woman who likes

3. Send you messages frequently

After that you are no longer together and can not demonstrate the interest of it, then he will try it another way. If he already has your phone number, then he dares to send you regularly. Did you take the time with which it answers you? If you are not busy in your work, then will answer as fast as you can. In case you are busy, it will just make an effort to answer as soon as possible and if you can, it will give you one that another explanation. If the thing progresses and not only are messages, but whatsapp voice notes or even calls, then it is another most obvious indication that your intentions are to become more than 'only friends'.

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4. How to know if a man is in love? Because he tries to make you laugh

In part it is funny to see how men try in different ways to make girls laugh. Is that laughter has an effective power to promain and please women. Do you try to make you laugh in many ways? You can have for sure that You are looking for all means to call your attention. Your only goal is to be closer to you. We all like when a man says some jokes and laugh regularly. We feel that with that person we can spend a pleasant time and we want to get closer. It is a very important track that the person is nice and that we can laugh at his side.

It is true that there are men who only like to laugh and infect the rest, however, sometimes they are well aware and the purpose is Send a clear message to whoever calls your attention. Sometimes it happens that he is not such an open man, so he does not dare to ask you or manifest his feelings openly. Then, depending on how your reaction is when he makes you laugh, he can interpret that there is a mutual interest and help him to give the final step.

How to know if a man is in love

5. Provides protection when you need it

Like the instinct of the male in nature, Men also feel the need to protect those who love or to whom you care. If for him you are important, what better way to express his love than to take care of you. It does not have to necessarily be of an imminent danger in which he exposes his life for you, but in more everyday situations. For example, on a very cold day you can give you a little coat if you are not well covered. Maybe you're going to cross the street or climb the stairs and wearing heels, keep for sure that if he likes him, then he will give you his arm to hold you.

Helpful and charming is how a man acts when he likes a woman. These two adjectives are more evident when he behaves in this way in front of a group of friends. In this case, know that he is in love with you is easier. By the way, protection is not strictly linked with the physical aspect. Moral support also counts as protection. Give you encouragement, offer your trust and motivate you to show you that you can achieve it are excellent symptoms. That is called empathy. Are you for you to protect yourself physically and morally? Do not have a doubt that that man is reluctantly in love with you.

6. You are your priority

If he is interested How to know if a man is in love, Discover how your daily life is. How? We are all occupied in our lives, either for work, studies, somehow everyone has their affairs. However, as long as a man is arrowed by a woman, he will make room for you. He gives you priority among all his activities. If he is too busy, then he will make sure you know that he is and barely counts on something more time, he will give it to you. When a man loves you, you are the most important person in his life. Spaces at the time of him, in the chores of him to be with you.

7. Man in love with symptoms: he likes to be close to you in public

Depending on the personality of man, it is possible that he likes to make clear the feelings of him in front of others when he is with you. Sometimes he can not even contain. Certainly, it could be an uncomfortable situation for some, but at the same time it is the clearest signal. He continues to act as if you were only two, if you allow it, he will dare to fuck you at the waist or take you out of hand. Come on, you bring you head and he can not even resist. What you can be sure is that he does not feel afraid to prove it, he is not ashamed and is a very nice gesture, do not you think?

How to know if a man is in love

8. Wants to get involved more in your life

In your plans you are knowing your family, be part of your circle of friends if it is not yet, etc. The important thing for him is to feel the approval of those around you. Have you realized that He tries to give a good impression every time he is with you? No? Then he pays more attention. Apart from that, he will always want to know what your hobbies are to find out if they have common interests, and if not, then he will endeavor to practice them.

He not only he gets more involved in your life, but He also wants you to know more about him. He already introduced you to his family and friends? All those around him have a very good image of you. He wants everyone to approve and want it. Finally, the most visible signal in this aspect is that the future of it sees it by your side. He plans thinking about you. Of course, this is a very evident track. Do not hesitate to be an instant that that man is really in love with you.

9. Show jealousy when you're close to another man

Jealousy, although they are a source of conflict in relationships, can serve as a key indicator to discover if that boy is in love with you. Maybe it sounds a bit cruel, but to clear any doubt about the feelings of a man towards you, it will help you approach another boy a little and you will see his reaction. It is a 'technique' that you can use ultimately.

Chico likes a woman

If he is in love, he could react in two very different ways. First, the uncomfortable situation will irritate it a little so does not manifest it with its expressions. You probably try to get away and not interrupt. If you do not know how to handle the situation well, then you will notice How a man is approaching a woman who likes. He will do everything possible to displace the 'competition' of him to be closer to you.

The behavior of each is different, but if you notice with attention, you will receive a reaction. If the feelings of him towards you are deep and he wants to fight for you, there are no doubt that he will let you know after such a testing. In fact, this technique is one of the most used by women, but eye, be careful and do it with intelligence, because If you cross the line, you rise to get away completely.

Sometimes we discover that this man we like so much, is not really in love with us. Maybe you should put into practice certain concepts so that that boy feels attracted to you. These are 8 tips to get the attention of a man.

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