How to break the ice with a girl and get the conversation to flow

Why sometimes it is so difficult to talk to a girl for the first time? There are many reasons why an individual gets stuck to take the first step. The most important ones have to do with anxiety, the fear of being rejected, not knowing what words to use, or even, what that person will think. The situation tends to get aggravated when the beauty of it jumps at the sight of all. Well, in a few words, the key to How to break the ice with a girl mainly lies in demonstrating enough confidence in yourself. A good dose of trust greatly reduces tension and will achieve that the approach is natural and entertaining.

Break the ice does not seem to be so simple, but with a little practice you will keep the situation under control and you will leave a first good impression. Anyway, what is the worst possible scenarios? You do not have much to lose, but you can regret not to take the step. In this situation, the one who promotes the approach is always at a disadvantage because behind all your words there is a kind of "I like you, and I to you?»Then, the other person will always have the last word. We must learn A How to break the ice with a girl to increase the chances of success. 

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1. Look as well as you can

All relationships start with a look. If you really like a girl and you want to talk to him for the first time, before listening to you, she is going to look at you and from that precise moment the game begins. If you do not look good, then it will be hard to get your attention. Of course, I'm not talking about what you must see yourself like Brad Pitt or Cristiano Ronaldo. The essential thing is that you see yourself and you feel good, with enough confidence to make your move.
We are talking about clothing, cleaning and your hygiene. There are times when you find a girl in the shopping center or on the street and you must act regardless of how you look, there is no more remedy. However, it is sometimes a girl who is in your sight for several days. Is then when you can better prepare the situation and that starts from Increase your trust so just wearing better. It should be noted that loving well is a mandatory rule rather than such a technique, therefore, must be present in each of the techniques that you will read below.

two. How to break the ice with a girl asking you a favor

Instead of exposing yourself, why not better let it be her whoever invests first a little? A "favor" is the perfect excuse to do something for you. Think of something simple, for example, that facilitate a napkin or what I know, depending on the place where you are. That's fine, but I like the Reliable old of, "Could you see my things for a moment while I am looking for tea?»You go, you come back immediately, thank you and you already have enough excuses to start a conversation. Any trick as simple as this, it will work quite well.

3. Ask an opinion

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We must admit that most women feel comfortable expressing an opinion or giving advice, not to say that they like. It is a technique between the most effective and productive because If you are lucky, that girl will be happy to say everything she thinks about it. One of the most casual and well-known situations is when buying a certain product, but you "you are not sure what it is, what it is for or if it is a good choice.»Then, the trick is simply to ask for the opinion of a woman with respect to that product. If she does not like it, ask him to recommend another, it depends on how the conversation flows.

If you think it's already very cliché and repeated, or rather because they are not in a place to buy, then ask for your opinion about something else. For example, any situation that has been presented with a friend or a family member then you do not know what to do. Women are capable of seeing these circumstances from other perspectives and that makes them indicated for a situation like this. Once again, with a bit of luck, you will get it interested and start talking to you.

4. Do not use cheesy phrases

In addition to knowing How to break the ice with a girl, It is also good to be aware of how not to do it. So I take this space to highlight what does not have to do. Take note. A very bad idea is to use cheesy phrases because they have already passed pretty fashionable. Little friend, do not do it. So you think that with a corruse phrase you will call the girl's attention you like, you will actually be running it. You will give a very pathetic impression. What will think is that you are taking that situation as a game.

Do not even look for phrases or words 'interesting' to get the attention of it because you will do precisely quite the opposite. This it is about being yourself, of being casual and demonstrate trust. There are many other ways to generate a good conversation and this is the last one you should try. You do not have to start with anything that is too cloying.

That you can leave it for much later in one of your appointments. It does not matter if they are young or adults. However, If you are more than 40 years old and you are looking for a stable couple, I suggest you better go to our post How to find stable partners if you have 40+.

How to get the conversation to flow?

After getting your attention and getting exchanging a couple of words, come the first 2 or 3 minutes critical. It is the most uncomfortable and fundamental moment for the conversation to end up taking off.

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1. Ask simple questions

At this moment it's good to ask a couple of things just out of curiosity and take advantage to flirt a little. What you want to imply is that you are interested, but it is not necessary for you to ask too deep questions. Focus on simple themes so that the conversation stays flowing.

What happens to you now? I think right now in know a little about your favorite pastimes, if you have a pet, how you like to have fun, among others. Also take into account the context in which it is located and not ask topics that are out of place. Avoid sitting as if you were in an interrogation. Remember that not only she must give you information. What you tell you is also important because that way you will know who you are, if you share tastes and interests and more.

two. Listen carefully

During the first minutes, many things are happening at the same time. In addition to that you are most likely more nervous than usual, you must take care of the flow of the conversation. To that we have to add that it is mandatory that you pay close attention to what she can talk about. In that way, You're going to show you that you're interested in her and that you not only told him because yes.

What I recommend? What Centers your eyes on them only without distracting you looking around. Show that she has all your attention. It is others to say that it is a bad time to take the mobile. Nothing of that. Also, when she is talking, she lets it flow fluently and do not interrupt her. If you pay attention and later you stand out something that she had previously said, it is a strong demonstration that you listened carefully.

3. Sick a smile

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I leave for the end the most powerful tool you can use to earn the interest and pleasure of any woman you like. This is the best weapon of how to break the ice with a girl: make her laugh. Few things give such good results when looking to please a girl to get a smile. Immediately, her eyes to you change and you go from being someone else between the crowd to become the most sympathetic.

On the other hand, at a time like this, A smile helps to reduce tension and shame drastically. Try to get something original to start a smile. The earliest better and before you will have taken a great weight off.

4. Ask her for get out

If you think everything has come out well, there was good chemistry, it would not be quarrelsome to invite it to come out. Depending on the place where you have known her, maybe you do not see it again. In this case, you must make sure the less, have your contact. But the ideal is that you concrete an appointment. If it is still very soon for that proposal, you can wait a bit and stay with your contact. Similarly, if you think you're not well prepared to invite a girl, then my recommendation is that you read about How to invite out to a girl.

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