How to take a distance relationship: 14 recommendations so as not to fail in the attempt

Traditional loving relationships are complex, just imagine the degree of difficulty when they are not physically together. Few you know How to take a distance relationship, but despite the adversities presented, there are ways that in the end are successful. Obviously, many people believe that a relationship of this kind will never work, not to mention that people around, like family and friends, do not usually collaborate or support these relationships.

You have to start by admitting that distance relationships are not within an ideal scenario. The situation sometimes become hard and on more than one occasion the couple experiences loneliness and sadness. The fact of thinking about activities and things as simple as taking by hand, walking and eating together, caressing your hair, among others, usually mean much more when it comes to distance relationships. However, with the right approach, the correct mentality, the expectations at bay and the timely advice, I assure you that A distance relationship can grow, solidify and achieve success over time.

Remote relationships, although difficult, can also give you surprises and do not always end up ruining. With commitment and communication, there are remote relationships that become more stable than that of others who are closest geographically. If you currently find yourself in this scenario and you want Learn how to take a distance relationship, Then continue reading and points out these 14 recommendations to start operating:

1. Daily communication: key to how to take a distance relationship

The most natural thing for a couple is always to be in contact, therefore, this aspect should never be neglected. Since face-to-face contact is not possible, It is essential to monitor that the emotional connection is as frequent as possible. It does not imply that the conversations are long or deep. Simply a frequent communication, regardless of its duration, will show the mutual interest and that you invest in time and effort for the relationship. In this way, it is easier to be up to date with daily life one of the other. When you spend entire days without any exchange of experience, by when you tell it, they have already lost relevance or are no longer of the same interest.

How to take a distance relationship by phone

two. Try different methods of communication

On the whole, Discover what communication route you are more effective. Before staying with a specific, it is advisable to try several and decide with which one goes better. From simple text messages, emails, (a bit formal, but it will depend on pleasure) video calls, whatsapp, among others. The important thing is not to lose the trail of the daily details of each.

Another valuable recommendation is keep up with your schedules. It is possible that your schedules are very different and you must choose an hour in which you coincide. Also, if one day you will be too busy, do not forget to tell the other with anticipation. In case you are very free and your partner is the one who is usually busiest, I recommend that you give you your space, that you are more flexible and you concentrate on other things.

3. Avoid excessive communication

Communication is the fundamental key, regardless of the type of relationship, be at a long distance, be between friends or whatever. However, when the line is transferred, there will be consequences. Be exaggeratedly sticky and possessive is not healthy. The reality is that there is no need to communicate 12 continued up to date so that the relationship flows. The error of many couples is to think that to compensate for the distance, it is necessary to speak much more. As you will imagine, this is not true. This not only worsens the relationship, but very soon one of the two will be fatigued and without wanting to continue.

Do not forget that sometimes, more is less. It is not about abusing communication, otherwise you will end up annoyance. Actually, the correct approach to communication is to develop it at the right times.

4. Assumid it as an opportunity

It is amazing how to bring a long distance relationship can be a fully enriching experience and full of learning. The distance can also be seen as an opportunity to prove how deep and true the love between you is. Instead of thinking that this distance relationship is separating, it is better to believe that through this 'process' both will consolidate a noticeably stronger relationship. Did you know that to learn to live in company, you must first learn to live alone?

5. Sate the body to dangerous situations

If you already know very well that your partner does not feel too good that you go alone / alone to a nightclub to drink with your friends, then you just have two options: do not go, or communicate your partner that you will go so that least be aware.

It is important that you do not take this lightly, otherwise you will generate a lot of insecurity, suspicion, doubts and, of course, anger. Think that you would put it in a position where you do not feel control at all, that you can not do anything. It remains other to say that these situations lend themselves perfectly to fall into the traps. What traps? For example, unconsciously you end up leaving with a colleague or with a friend who since remote times has been flirting with you. The most intelligent is to evaluate and be aware of all these situations of risk before deciding to venture. The best advice is not only to hear your heart, but also the mind.

Relation rate Dangerous situation

6. Make things together

Technology and the Internet as such has approached us so much that it is increasingly easy to perform certain activities together being at a distance. For example, play video games online, watch a video on YouTube at the same time. If you have liked for music, you can sing and touch via Hangouts or Skype. It is also valid to go out for a walk while holding a video call. Go, almost what is happening to you. The possibilities are extensive and You are part of your finding what you like the most, be spontaneous and creative.

The Internet also opens the door to meet people and start a new relationship close to you or on the other side of the world. If you want to live the experience of a distance relationship or as close as just around the corner, There is a mogollion of applications for ligar available. Look at the best applications to flirt here.

7. Work for the same goal

If there is something irrefutable, it is impossible for a distance relationship to last forever. We are talking about that it is something momentary, which will eventually have to return to normal and establish yourself as a conventional relationship, together.  What do we want in short and medium term? How much time are we going to be separated? Do we see our consolidated relationship in the future? They are all indispensable questions for both.

Established a plan you together, Trace a goal and the estimated time that you will be separated and on the basis, the main objective. For this, it is crucial that you are in tune and in mutual agreement. In this way, despite not being in the same place or in the same time zone, in the same way you will be motivated to continue working together, towards the same direction and towards the same future one next to the other.

Objectives of a distance relationship

8. Enjoy the time in Soledad, with family and friends

Remember always one thing, In a distance relationship you are alone, but not in solitude (Unless you choose to feel). But in reality, you should not allow your world to just think about your partner and miss it. First and main, you still have yourself, you must also have the family closer and with good friends with whom you enjoy and spend time from time to time. Take advantage of enjoying them more. Take the initiative and go to the gym more frequently and share more there. Practice a new hobby also helps enough. If you get to see, there are many things that you can still do that they do not involve your partner.

9. Honesty over all things

As essential as communication is honesty. Conversate about your feelings and fears, about your insecurities and jealousy, about apathy and everything feeling you consider that it is important. When couples begin to hide things to their couples, later that early that secret you give you. It is better to be honest. On the other hand, do not try to deal with all the weight yourself. Make your partner help you and you will get all the support you need. Most of the failures of distance relationships are related to not facing the problem in the initial stage, but when it is already too late and impossible to find a feasible solution.

10. Positive attitude

You can not always be in positive and optimistic mode. It is normal to suffer some decline from time to time. However, those lows in the mood should not be so prolonged. When that happens, remember to inject a good dose of positive energy so that this long-distance relationship does not turn off and keep the flame on. The distance and the wait becomes painful and even desperate, loneliness attacks but The key is to remember that at the end, the reward will be great. The end is always sweet and satisfactory.

A simple 'trick' to climb the encouragement and be positive is to feel grateful at all times. Think that at least you have someone to love, someone cares and is attentive to you, You also feel your affection despite the distance that separates them. Small things are the most special therefore you should not forget them and show thanks. If you are both healthy, safe and prospering, that is a reason more than enough to stay positive and feed the love of the relationship.

eleven. Take advantage of activities that your partner does not like

I do not misinterpret me, I'm not contradicting myself with respect to point number 5. With taking advantage of doing the activities that are not liking for your partner I mean those who are not of their kind. For example, you like to watch movies late at night, but your partner does not like so much and prefers to sleep early. Take advantage and see all the movies you want or even a complete series! It's the most precise moment to get you out of that desire over because maybe when you're together you will not be able to see so many because your partner wants to sleep. If you did not know how to take a distance relationship, much less take advantage of some aspects, you can see that there is also a good side, let's call it like that.

How to take a distance relationship distraction

12. Cybersex 

The reality is that in the 21st century, the technology puts within reach the exchange of erotic messages by means of a computer or a mobile. It is an opportunity that you can not miss to satisfy your wishes. I assure you that it will be the best time of day. It is proof that you really want to be together and help keep the flame on. Fotitos, very sexual messages and a pinch of imagination will suffice to free up a little (or much) tension. Believe me that it is very effective and fun.Cybersex in for a happy couple

13. Never do assumptions

Who are aware of the status of your relationship will surely ask how to take a distance relationship it is possible. Some even dare to tell you that you do not illusions, which may end up in failure because the friend of a cousin of her brother-in-law also failed. Do not believe him! Is not true. It's just when you stop to believe it when then that bad energy, or how you prefer to call it, you start to fulfill. Always try, as much as you can, keep a positive mind and remember that just as many have failed in their distance relationship, the number of couples who have managed to succeed is enormous and you will get it.

14. Understand that long-distance relationships are quite normal

A large percentage (about 75%) of compromised and fully established couples, have experienced the long-distance relationship at some point. They are periods that sometimes arrive, they are inevitable to face them, but putting all these recommendations into practice, The possibilities that they come out to come out are remarkably higher. Are you in a long distance relationship at this time? Tell us what strategies you apply to continue working.

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