How does Tinder run? & # 8211; Learn to link on the network

You feel curious about apps of appointments, but you still do not know how it works Tinder? In that case, you will be interested in knowing that registering is free, and that its operation is so simple that even your cat could create a profile in a carelessness if you leave the cell phone at your fingertips. Tiinder is really what they say? Is it certainly one of the Better applications to flirt for free

You only need a smartphone and a Facebook account. And you will not have to face complicated questionnaires about your personality, because this app is rather to flirt, not to look for your ideal partner. The questions are as basic as your name and age, if you are a man or woman, what are you looking for, and what are your tastes or hobbies. And it's already. What matters here is your photo. This is how it works by Tinder.

In total you can upload up to six images, although it is advisable that your main photo is of good quality, and that your face is well distinguished, because that photo is going to be the first and maybe the only thing your contacts see. It is also advised to add some photo with your friends, to show that there are other human beings that appreciate you, and a more personal photo, accompanied by a self-description that is brief suggestive.

How to handle in Tinder

Once you have registered, the appointment search process consists of visualizing the photos of the contacts that the application has selected for you, taking into account the information you have contributed on what you are looking for. The operation is simple, and it is very characteristic of Tinder. You just have to go on the photos of your possible contacts on the smartphone, dragging them to the right when someone you like it, and on the left in case negative.

When you drag a photo to the left, that person will never know that you have discarded it, and you will not find out when they do it to you. In the same way, that girl or that boy you like will never learn about it, unless she has also been interested in you. Instead, when you and that person you like each other, the application sends a notice to both parties, and only then then do you contact you so that you start a private conversation in the chat.

This is how Tinder works on his free version, although you can also do "trap" using the Tinder Gold payment option, which allows you to directly locate the Likes you have received, without having to pass the day by sliding your finger in search of a match.

How Tinder Cups Works Quote

Geolocation is one of the most appreciated tools, and that is why Tinder seeks possible contacts within your same area, as long as the two parties have activated the location of the mobile. This immediacy allows you to know what contacts you have close to you at all times, in real time, with all the good things that this implies.

How Tinder works

When you enter for the first time, Tinder will ask you to choose your "discovery options" to limit the rank of people who can see your photo, and it is based only on three criteria: the genre (man / woman), the amount Maximum of kilometers that separate you from your possible appointment, and the age range of the person you are looking for.

According to different studies, 54% of the users and users of this APP are single people, but it draws attention that 30% of married people, and that other 12% that maintain a relationship of some kind. If we take accounts, in Tinder there is 42% of people who already have a partner. What's going on here? As often occur in the physical world, the rituals of seduction of appointments reproduce the usual patterns of human behavior.

How does Tinder run for women, and how it works for men? In general, girls are more selective and demanding than males. They are the ones who write more messages and longer, and those that relate greater amount of information about a possible appointment.

The strategy of men is the opposite, and is based on the amount, exhausting free Likes, or resigning themselves to paying a premium service such as Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which let the user know who has given him a Like, or change from Location, or five superlikes a day and other advantages. The Premium Services of Tinder cost about 2 euros per month if you are less than 30 years old, but from this age the price shoots at 15 euros.

Is there privacy in Tinder?

As Tinder works, it is clear that the obligation to link the App to your Facebook has its advantages and drawbacks. On the one hand it works as a filter to ensure that the Tinder profiles are authentic, which correspond to people of meat and blood, which helps eliminate a good number of false accounts, but also supposes a loss of control over your privacy.

Maybe it's not funny that your Facebook friends find out what you're in Tinder. This is something that the APP has already expected. Therefore, by clicking on the photo of a contact, the information about the first and second grade friends that you have in common on Facebook, from the Exhibition of a friend to a member of your own family, or even your spouse.

This is how Tiinder works, but there are some tricks to minimize tinder linking with Facebook, but that we explain it in another post. In any case, if what you are looking for is discreetly linking, remember that social networks are by definition otherwise at discretion.

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