How Meetic & # 8211 works; Tricks and tips

Whether you want to find a partner as if you settle for you to meet single people, Meetic is one of the most popular appointment platforms than there are in US. Registration is free, and now you can enjoy the tools and services of the payment version, but for free for 3 days, taking advantage of the specific offers that Meetic usually offers new users, and without the need to provide data on your card credit. Keep reading if you want to know how Meetic works.


First steps in Meetic

As usual in appointment applications, the registry is free. Once you have registered, the first step is to fill a questionnaire in which you will have to answer simple questions: basically it is about knowing who you are and what you want. That is, if you are a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a man, or any of the possible variables in love relationships. Our advice in these first steps is that you take advantage of the three free days to access the search engines, discover the profiles of other single people, and in general to learn how Meetic works.

How Meetic works

The first questions of the questionnaire that you are going to fill are very important, because everything else depends on the answers. For example, they will ask you if you want to have children, which is a fundamental fact when finding affinities. In this question, as in most of them, you can choose not to answer with the option "I would prefer not to say". You decide what is the degree of privacy about your wishes.

How Meetic works on the payment subscription

There are several modalities of payment in Meetic. Subscriptions for a specific period are called passes, which can be from one month, three or six. Once you have your pass contracted, you can still improve the performance of the platform with new options that include special tools.

Passes: Basic option

Let's go by parts. What is a pass? As it consists of Meetic's own website, the subscription of a pass can serve for things like:

  • Communicate with other users and users
  • Consult "my search" in the profiles you visit
  • Save your favorites contacts
  • Consult the list of surrender sent
  • Customize searches
  • Navigate without advertisements


Premium options

Once you have hired a pass, premium options - which can adopt another name, depending on the new marketing campaigns - are complementary tools that serve, among other things, to contact users and users of the free version. Here are men who, in a majority, pay this service to exercise blue princes.

Premium options also serve to play with an advantage when it comes to meeting new users, because you have preference, so that when you present a new profile, you will be of the first - or of the first - to be able to tell you "hello".

Zen option

This is the icing of the Premium options. With this tool you can play with more advantage, because it allows you to find out if someone has read your emails in meetic. You can also use the "Absence Manager" to notify that you are in vacacons, and that is why you do not respond to the messages that you send you. Finally, and most importantly, the ZEN option allows you to use a contact filter, so you can order Meetic that you can only contact with you the profiles that match the criteria that you have previously marked. When a profile that does not match your criteria, you want to contact you, you will have to send a request, which you can accept or reject.

The prices of Meetic

The different types of subscription may vary by name, adding details and own characteristics. As it consists of the platform page itself, These are the different Meetic rates :

With this option you can contact 10 new people every day, and discover who is interested in you.

  • € 10.99 / month. But eye, this is the amount that would correspond to each month when you contract for 6 months. The payment is made at one time, and the invoice is € 65.54
  • € 18.99 / month when you contract for 3 months. The invoice is € 56.97
  • € 36.99 when you contract the subscription for a month only

This is the name of this premium option with which you can contact 25 new people every day, discover who is interested in you, and enjoy discounts at the special events that Meetic organizes.

  • € 13.99 / month, for 6-month contracts. The invoice is € 83.94
  • 21,99 € / month when you contract for 3 months. The invoice is € 65.97
  • € 36.99 when you contract the subscription for a month only. Here the rate is the same as in the option of the basic pass.

Here you can access all the services of the previous options. You can also contact an unlimited number of people every day, and you can sail without visualized advertising.

  • € 15.99 / month, for 6-month contracts. The invoice is € 95.94
  • 23,99 € / month when you contract for 3 months. The invoice is € 71.97
  • € 41.99 when you contract the subscription for a month only.

Unlimited Zen
This option is the most top and exclusive of Meetic. You can enjoy all the services mentioned above, and you also have the option to choose who can contact you.

  • 20,99 € / month, for 6-month contracts. The invoice is € 125.94
  • 28,99 € / month when you contract for 3 months. The invoice is € 86.97
  • € 46.99 when you contract the subscription for a month only.

Meetic 3 Days Free

The Meetic moderation team

Meetic professionals work to guarantee security of the web, and to maintain a cordial tone in how to relate to web users. It also has the mission to guarantee access to the profiles that are trusted, and that is why it is responsible for validity to the content published on the platform. Sometimes, moderators can prevent the publication of an ad or a photo if they are considered not appropriate. They are also responsible for detecting possible inadequate behaviors, in which case the user will be expelled from Meetic.

Sácale match at the free Meetic

The 3-day offer Free in Meetic It allows you to use the payment version tools, but remember that once you expire that period you will have to hire a payment subscription to contact other users through messaging services and chat. Once you have learned how Meetic works, everything will be easier.

If you still resist paying for a subscription, you can only wait for a premium user or user to contact you, although this option may seem a bit desperate, and of course it is not you who has the initiative. The third thing you can Free in Meetic is to go to the events that are periodically organized in premises in your area. They are usually bachelor parties in bars, with special prices for Meetic members, also for free version users. Also, you can take with you three friends or friends with you, although they have not registered on the platform.

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