BUMLE Reviews: The application in which the girls carry the initiative

Bumble is a relatively new mobile application, with just over three years of founded and rapidly extends. Currently in 2019 Bumble has more than 55 million users, of which, 46% are women. A quite high figure in contrast with other pages. What are the Bumble Reviews? There are very varied, but I will take care of analyzing the most important aspects more objectively. On the other hand, if in the end you would like to see other applications similar to Bumble, you can see the list of Better applications to flirt for free.

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Women assume the leading role in Bumble, in which they are the ones who propose contact and not men. Bumble is a page of open quotes, which invites both people with aspirations to lasting relationships, as well as to others who want something more passenger.

Value for money
  • The chances of success amount to 60% in the best of cases.
  • The distribution of men and women is very pair.
  • The price is accessible and at the same time of most dating pages.
  • Women are not attacked with hundreds of messages a day.
  • The search filter has been very limited.
  • He has won the fame of being 'feminist'.
User rating: 3.58 (31 votes)

At first glance, Bumble may seem like a platform for dating like any other, however, a very interesting feature is saved. An unexpected rotation in how it works and is that they are the only girls who can give the first step for contact.

Girl using the Bumble Application Reviews on your mobile phone

Bumble has thought about this protocol because women in almost all other platforms receive countless messages. Basically it is a way to give more control to the girls, therefore, if you are a man and you like to take the first step, maybe this bumle for you. Bumble is comparable with another page in which also the girls carry the initiative: Meet Be2 and our opinions.

How does Bumble work? Opinions

The most important thing is to know how to make contact and there are two ways. The first consists of a simple screen gliding that can be left or on the right. If you are a girl and you are interested in making contact with someone, you must slide right into the profile of the person. If the people in question cross the sliding (right and left) then there will be no way to contact.

Bumble logo with yellow background

On the other hand, if both slide to the right, then a "connection" is established. Once this happens, now you will have 24 to start the conversation, otherwise, this connection will be lost.

Bumble has voice and video calls, In addition to the traditional chat to exchange messages. For much of the users it is a useful tool because they are not forced to share their phone number at any time. In other words, it is a privacy tool and adds BUMLE positive reviews.

The second way of trying to produce a contact is by means of Superswipes. If you ever used Tinder, you could compare it with the Superlikes. It is not a connection guarantee, however, it is a very clear and serious signal that you truly want to contact that person.

And of course you should be because each of those Superswipes It costs a coin, and this coin has a value of 1.99 Euros. In case you think you are going to use several of them, there are offers to buy more coins.

Subscription price

How much does it cost to download the Bumble app and register? Zero. Is free. But as in all other pages of appointments, there are many functions and features that are only enabled by acquiring a payment subscription. If you really want to have an option to flirt, then subscribe.

Bumble offers the subscription BUMLE BOOST, That in turn enables instantly the following functions:


It is nothing but to have the possibility of contacting a past contact for 24 hours additional.


It is a section destined to see the girls who are interested in contacting you. For that function it is worth paying the payment subscription since it will save you a lot of time and a connection is almost 100% guaranteed.


A connection window lasts 24 hours, however, Busybee functions as an extension of the life period of this window.

The price of these functionalities varies according to the subscription duration of your preference. It goes from a week to six months:

  • 8.99 euros: A week of subscription. It's very little time, but it gives as to try the platform completely and know if it's worth it.
  • 24.99 euros: A month of subscription and around 12 euros savings.
  • 49.99 euros: Three months of subscription and savings of 56% of the initial payment of a week.
  • 79.99 euros: Six months subscription. It is the most chosen subscription for users to save 65%.

Table of application subscription prices

Clearly, it is not the cheapest platform of all, but it has an average price. You can compare Price with Meetic, a relatively similar page.

Special features

They are the characteristics that make interesting and attractive to the applications so that the user gets coupled. The potential of a dating platform is multiplied when used in the mobile version and Bumble take advantage of it.

Bumble reviews: profiles of two users of the application

  • Slide: The sliding function makes the role of a "like". It is the fastest way to accept or reject a contact. When both slide to the right, then the connection is created, but it will disappear after 24 hours. It is worth clarifying that this procedure is only for heterosexuals. Two people of the same sex can be contacted immediately.
  • Backtrack: It exists since 2015 and it came as a solution to accidental landslides. When a user slides left without wanting, she can shake the mobile to undo the sliding. However, the Backtracks They are not unlimited. In principle only counts with three, but they are recharged every three hours. It is not the only option either. You can also recharge instantly when sharing the Bumble application on social networks, either from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. (You can only share once a day).
  • Favorites: Bumble creates a special section to add to favorites and classify conversations.
  • Voice and video calls: Bumble includes video call features for users who in principle do not want to share personal information, such as the phone number.

User slides right on your mobile to indicate that you like a person

Bumble Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages

First the good:

  • Whitney Wolfe, founder of Bumble, can be satisfied with the fact that Women in this application are not saturated from messages. Only they can start contact.
  • The percentage of contacts is greater than 50%. The options of getting an appointment are good, around 60%.
  • The creation of the account is very simple and fast. In just a few minutes you will be ready to use.
  • The balance between the female and masculine population is quite even, which favors contact between heterosexual couples.
  • The subscription price is average and offers several membership periods.

And then the bad:

  • A girl only has 24 hours to respond to a sliding. Quite short for many and reduces the connection possibilities.
  • Filters in searches are extremely limited. It only has gender, age and location. Details about Height, Leather Color or Interest You will not find in Bumble. It is a great brown that everyone criticizes.


The best news is that Bumble has good acceptance and continues continuously. More than a million girls give the first step to propose a connection. The possibilities of knowing someone are very high. Also, on average, a regular user is usually online about an hour and a half per day.

It is a fact that Increases Bumbles positive opinions and interest. Of course, it is not for everyone, but, despite being an application that is considered a feminist, it seems that the guys do not care much while they get the goal and give them the results they seek.

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