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We can talk about Badoo in many ways, one of the best-known dating pages around the world. We can reduce it, for example, to numbers. 13 years of existence from birth by there in 2006 and more than 418 million users distributed in more than 190 countries in the world. That throws us a figure of about 32 million registered users since then. An authentic barbarity. But what about Badoo Reviews? We will analyze throughout this article if really badoo is one of the best appointment pages.

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Badoo is a page of dates nowadays not so much because of its present influence, but because of its important trajectory, for being of the first pages in starting to offer this type of services. Has been innovating in some things, so it could remain.

Value for money
  • Obviously, its long journey since its creation.
  • It has a fantastic mobile application.
  • Badoo is entertaining for its users.
  • Anyone who registers will find a family site thanks to its resemblance to a social network.
  • Does not include a personality test.
  • The desktop version looks disorganized.
  • Profiles do not offer detailed information about its users.
User rating: 3.5 (12 votes)

A site that exploded thanks to Facebook, but since 2012 it is completely independent. Unlike, for example, POF; A traditional quotation page, Badoo decides to depart from that term and prefers to consider itself as a social network deeply centered on getting appointments. You can contrast it in that sense with POF and his opinions.

What is Badoo??

It is nothing more than getting two people interested, talk and decide to meet. Nothing that comes out of the conventional. But from a laptop or mobile you can clearly appreciate that Badoo works differently from the rest. For example, there are two ways in which you can get to know someone: in the section "Encounters" and in the section "Close people".

  • Encounters: Badoo on your own sheds a list of profiles of potentially compatible candidates with you according to your interests. If someone interests you about the selection, then give him love clicking on the heart button. Otherwise, press "X" and keep looking. By the way, the number of candidates suggested with which you can connect is unlimited, however, you can only have an "meeting" at a time.
  • Close people: The selection of profiles only in the proximity of a person registered at your current location. Even so, most will focus on common interests. Similarly, you can decide to go by contact starting a chat, or discard such a profile.

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Register in Badoo: Reviews.

In general, the registration is a fairly simple and fast procedure and I describe it briefly: names, date of birth, gender, location and what are you looking for: friendship, chats, or appointments. Basic information requested on any other platform. You will also have to upload a photo, however, it is not a mandatory requirement in the first instances.

Badoo requires the user to verify email to be able to continue. After that, everything is ready. Of course, you miss a personality test to improve the quality of the suggested profiles. For example, Singles with level suggests excellent profiles and improves the possibilities of getting marked couple. Learn more of Singles with level.

But Badoo has thought of other tools to minimize the number of accounts Fake On your platform. If you want to appear and have any real possibility in Badoo, you will have to provide your account of a social network like Facebook to prove your identity.  Otherwise, the blue popcorn will not be in your profile. Much worse, access to tools will remain seriously restricted. This is a reason that Sum good reviews A Badoo.

Badoo members

Badoo is one of the most widespread platforms around the world. Only in the United States there are more than 12 million. Although the largest number of users comes from Europe. That increases the chances for US even more.

On the other hand, it is also true that Badoo attracts a younger population. Maybe it's because of its focus on a social network. The vast majority are young adults or boys about twenty years old and, usually, looking for casual appointments. Anyway, it is not an impediment for elderly people in search of serious relationships to use it. Certainly, there are better options, for example, OURTIME: The adult dating website over 50.

Chat Badoo image on the computer with contact list

Design features

How did you previously say, Badoo has a social network appearance, but it's going to be that it is not at all. Its true identity has more to do with a page of dating that with a social network. Anyway, they have done it works a bit like Facebook.

Unfortunately, Badoo can not boast of a good general appearance. The menu craves quite disorganized and too simple. Even, when a person looks at your profile, it will notice a bit empty, thus this completed 100%.

However, there is another aspect that yes it favors a lot Badoo: Friendly for the user when entering. It's a matter of tightening a single button and you'll be inside. To leave is the same. Certainly, the tools are all displayed on the screen, but once you know where they are, you will do everything you want in your only click. Surely, at first it will cost a little time, since the page is pretty monotonous and lacking striking colors.

Special features

Special features are valued very well in this type of platform. In badoo there is a variety. Remember that it is a kind of social network, and therefore have included different characteristics, games and others that most similar pages do not have. There are cases that are the opposite, which only have a handful of functions. For example, Singles with level, and these are the opinions.

Of course, the disadvantage arises when users begin with little or no interest in getting an appointment, but in playing exclusively. Failing, attracts people who only seek casual appointments or a one-day adventure. Badoo does not enhance the personality, intelligence or interests of the users, but rather the physical appearance.

Get your clone tool. List of very similar blonde girls

  • Encounters: Designed to look for a couple easily by applying different filters ranging from geographical proximity, such as age.
  • Profile score: Other users can look at your profile and value your images. The higher your general score, then your profile will become more visible to others.
  • Find your clone: At least one will be a fun tool. If someone you like, but maybe you do not want to go out with you or do not answer you, look for an equal one with this option. Maybe it's not so effective, but it will be necessary to try.
  • Visits: Is what we have all wanted once on Facebook, a tool that tells us Who has visited our profile. Probably never happen, but in badoo yes.
  • I like: A really extended option in all social networks and other platforms. Give a thumb up when it seems like a profile or a photo is cool can also be done in badoo.
  • Favorites: A simple space in Badoo in which you add contacts of your preference to have them in hand quickly. You can also know who has added you to the list of your 'favorites'.

Enjoy all these insurance tools has a price, or do not have any cost? Discover how to be part of FREE BADOO.

Profile in Badoo: Reviews

If we look badoo as a social network, the profile would not be entirely wrong. On the contrary, it is A pretty entertaining style that attracts millions of users. A score system in the profile motivates users to complete it in its entirety and keep it attractive. The same users are those who value each other and decide how much visibility they get and this is great.

On the other hand, as a profile of a platform to get appointments is far behind pages like singles with level and Parship. Why? Simply because the user's information is incomplete, there is no test that evaluates other aspects of personality, beyond a extensive list of interests between which to select. It is impossible to know the Badoo reviews of other users with respect to topics such as politics, for example.

Poster intervening images of users with Badoo letters

An important disadvantage of Badoo is the gender imbalance in the population that makes up. Despite having so many millions of users, a significant majority of them are men, reaching 70%. Of course, the possibilities of ligar are drastically reduced and also causes the creation of false profiles.

In this sense, it is normal that Badoo receives a low assessment. In large part to the impossibility of customizing the profile and because many of those who make up the platform are only looking for casual encounters.

Application for mobile

If I had warned you that the appearance of Badoo was not entirely positive on the computer, everything changes in the mobile application. It seems that the company is set aside the computer to devote itself fully to mobile devices. The difference of the aspect is tremendous.

View of a profile from the mobile application

Given the Badoo has popularized as a 'social network' To get casual encounters, the APP has explored that much more and it is really easy to do it by means of the application. From a mobile anyone could make friends, just chat for a while, flirt, flirt and much more.

In the application you will even find more tools than on the same original web portal. The design is more organized and simple and that leads to it is intuitive for everyone and that the Badoo collection application good reviews. Can be downloaded without problems from Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store.

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