Badoo & # 8230; Free? & # 8211; Well it's going to be that

It is true that Badoo It's free? The most benevolent opinions talk about it is "almost free", but the truth is that the services that were ever free have been gradually disappearing, until reaching the current point, where it is clear that Badoo is not "almost free" but everything opposite: you have to pay for almost everything.

Badoo operation is similar to that of other applications to flirt, although here is not discriminated by age when it comes to charging for premium services, as it does Tinder. In fact, Badoo's age profile is situated in the youngest population of the population, and of course it is not the most suitable platform to find stable couple. The forums are full of teenagers with boiling hormones, which exchange tricks to try to flirt for free with Badoo. That is the level. There is no room for romanticism, and it is assumed that they are the men who pay. If you are gay, or a romantic person, Badoo is not for you.

Badoo is free, but not too much

The registration is free, and little more. It could be said that the rest of the services are premium, because everything that is worth in Badoo has a price, given the limitations that the free version has regarding the low number of contacts we can see, the number of messages that we can send, or the visibility of our profile. If Badoo is free, the truth is that it does not seem.

Badoo's own functioning seems specially thought to make a box with the set of seduction in each of his phases. An example: When someone shows interest for you, all you will see are pixelated profiles, and there is no way of knowing who is that person or contact her, unless you access the premium options.

Have you exhausted the daily amount of free messages, and do you want to contact more people? Do you want to improve the positioning of your profile, to appear among the first of the list? There are two ways to access Badoo Premium Services: Buying Credits, or Buying Super Powers. Prepare the wallet, if you are a man.

Credits and Super powers

The credits allow you to save the first obstacles. But it is very likely that you need a little more help to flirt, and Badoo is always in good willing to help you in exchange for money.

If you buy super powers you can see who voted "yes" for you in the game of encounters, you can navigate in an invisible mode for profiles, you can undo your last vote when you have said "no" to a meeting, you can see who "You have enchanted," and you can chat with the most popular users of Badoo. You will also be the first - you and all those who have bought super powers, of course - when it comes to contacting new users. In addition, your messages will be the first in the list, you can add stickers to send your contacts, and you can use Badoo without advertisements to appear.

Badoo is free

However, if you choose a payment service, here you have acouncil of friend: deactivates the automatic recharge in the configuration of your badoo account if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises in your bank account, since the appointment application will make a charge for this concept without warning, each time the figure of your available credits is less than 200 and each time your super powers run out. The forums are plagued by users who complain of having paid for unsolicited services, and this issue is one of the most common reasons why people decide to cancel their account in Badoo. Still you wonder if Badoo is free?

Are there tricks to use Badoo for free?

The short answer is that it does not. The closest thing to Badoo for free are the promotions in which Badoo offers super powers in exchange for the user to register in a specific social network, or to test a certain application. For the rest, you just have to trace the forums in search of tricks.

Among them, the most popular is to pretend that you are going to take off, since Badoo is going to try to hold you as a user, and it will offer you super free powers. But this trick apparently works only once, and for a limited period a few days. It is even possible that it no longer works when you read these lines.

Before falling into despair, you can always use a trick that serves for all appointment platforms. It is as simple as making your Nick match your email, Twitter or Skype, for example, so that anyone who sees your profile and wants to contact you can do it directly, regardless of contact applications.

This trick can be useful when always you do not worry about your reputation, since the strategy of choosing like nick your email address gives you as an avid visibility person. And if you find your nick in badoo and four more platforms, it is clear that you go to sack, that your goal is to link, and of course doing it free.

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  1. Already when we entered badoo and twoo there are pay pages & # 8230; they are jets & # 8230; and if you do not pay you bloke, they tell you that you. Photo is forbidden_ ​​or other things for blokearte.

  2. Good morning, it is not that they block you in Badoo is that you already enter a subscription in Badoo and I fall by the octopus 🦑 they charged me with PayPal in a week 80 euros

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