Where to go on the first date: 9 interesting ideas to surprise her

If there is an appointment that is difficult, it is the first. The main thing we discuss is between opting for a simple and pleasant activity, such as a coffee, or rather go a little further to do something, say, unusual. I do not know, if your interest in that person is very big and you want to go for all so that you never forget it, then a coffee is not the best place Where to go on the first date. Regardless of your case, when it comes to leaving for the first time as a couple, the most important thing is that everything goes well, otherwise, the chances of a second are minimal.

Anyway, the best recommendation for now is that you are not stress. Keep calm because you have reached the right article to take notes of the best ideas for a first date. Here are options for all tastes, for the most timid and less daring, as for what you are looking for Luciros and guarantee a first appointment level God, unforgettable and all the thing. That they say out there that the first appointment is the most important ... well, it's true. So put a lot of effort. What reminds me to ask you, You already know what to talk about at your first date? If not, do not worry, I have also prepared an article with the best conversation topics on a first date.

1. Where to go on the first date? To the museum!

Cliche? Well, although many couples go to the museum on their first date, do not forget that it is a very interesting place and that gives you the opportunity to to know a little more in depth the perspective of your companion's life on the basis of art. Do not visit a single museum, why not go to several? Will depend on your available time. In addition, numerous museums are free, accept donations or are not too expensive.

It is crucial that your first appointment gives you moments to be able to talk A little and museums give for that, a talk. Even if everything goes well, from there you can share a coffee and talk more fluently. In US there are many museums and they are an attraction that is worth trying on a first date.

Where to go on the first date: Museum

two. Go to a show of Stand-up

There is a strong contrast between the museum and the Stand-up. Your main advantage with this option is that the environment lends itself more to break the ice. There are laughs and good spirits on this site. Definitely will help you be calmer. Hopefully, the show you go to be fun and there will be a lot of material to talk when you have finished. Another good idea is to go for a drink before arriving and it will help you feel more comfortable.

3. Go to a sporting event

This is a proposal that you must be more careful. First check that Date like sports and which, otherwise, could reject the offer or feel uncomfortable throughout the appointment. Or at least, it will be boring. If you're sure you love the sport, then it's a safe bet. It will be a great opportunity to discover how passionate it is, how it reacts to the emotions of the game and if they are from the same team, then you will celebrate or suffer together. Either way, they are good excuses to look, do some contact and everything else.

First Appointment Sports Event

4. Take a kitchen class

When the appointments imply that the couple gets down to work, it is always positive, why? Because from the first moment you see how you work as a team, together. A cooking class It is a shared experience that will later leave good topics to talk. On the other hand, a cooking class does not usually take a long time, which opens the door that extends a little more. You must be prepared for this and keep a letter under the sleeve. After the class they could go for a coffee and they will have a lot to talk about.

The best thing is that the class will leave a new opportunity to attend a second session. If in the first you learned to prepare some types of tapas, why not try now with some Italian food? We all love food, We have it in common and offers different ways to play with this. In this case, taking a kitchen class.

First appointment Kitchen class

5. Of picnic, a place where to go on the first date

In the spring or in the summer and in general when the weather allows it, A picnic is a great option if you do not know where to go on the first date. In US there are many open spaces, numerous parks that lend themselves great to spend an afternoon sitting talking and doing other activities. It is not boring if you know how to plan and show that you are an expert in this. For example, choose a very nice place, if it offers a special view of the sunset, much better. Surely sums a few points there.

Although a romantic dinner is a very favorable idea, a picnic also has its advantages. Women love a prepared man, who think and organize things well. further, Nature and be outdoors gives tranquility and serenity.  As a suggestion, do not choose a very lonely place because the girl may feel uncomfortable and want to leave soon.

Picnic as a couple

6. Ride a bike

Let's leave this proposal open for any other physical activity that you are sure that both enjoy. On a day with good climate, go by bike, to walk, jogging or whatever, it is an excellent option, especially if you are athletic and take a life of exercises. It is an activity that you have in common, gives to talk a lot, to exercise and feel good in a family atmosphere for both. On the other hand, the opportunity to see the other person in exercise clothes and contemplate the silhouette and what is done.

7. Go to a dance

It is a very original, fun and unforgettable idea. If you do not know where to go on the first date, but you know that you both like music, would you dare to invite it to a dance class? It is entertaining, forces you to be very close to each other and see how they move as a couple. It does not matter if they are beginners in the matter or have some knowledge, the important thing is the experience. The dance proposes the contact and there is no better excuse to get to know about cesquita that dancing. Few activities could provide an approach like this.

Baila class on the first date

8. Theme park

For strong emotions that awaken all butterflies in the belly, there is no place like the amusement park. Emotions in the appliances, the house of terror, the roller coaster, all are as a moment to grab on hand, suffer a little together and show how brave you are. What's more, It is a fantastic place for those who get a little anxious at the appointment. Instead of being a little nervous, you will redirect all that anxiety towards the adrenaline that involve mechanical attractions. Finally, here are good times to talk, especially in attractions such as the wheel of fortune.

Couple amusement park

9. Go for a walk

Is one of the simplest appointments, but at the same time one of the favorites. Actually, according to several investigations, take a walk is the third most frequent option as first appointment, Only after going out to dinner or going to a coffee. Another aspect that supports and gives value to this proposal is that many women, especially those over 30 years old, say that taking an outdoor ride is an activity that they love.

As long as it is well planned and know where you will take it, it will be a successful appointment, or at least, that will allow you to know you. It is perfect for talking, entertaining and is usually extended, which is positive.

Aspects to take into account

If you have already planned a different place for your first date, take care that these two aspects meet:

  • Affordable: When we invest a lot of money on an appointment, it is logical that we have very high expectations and in case it goes wrong, the disappointment will be tremendous. Instead, conserve sanity and Maintaining expenses in a reasonable range reduces the risk of disappointments. But not only that, but also a more casual atmosphere will make your girl feel more comfortable and that benefits you both.
  • Moment to talk: Discarded any quote in the cinema, theater, concerts, even very noisy restaurants. Of course they are super entertaining places, the problem is that it is difficult to talk or impossible. In the cinema, for example, unless you want everyone to hate you and call you attention, you can talk a little. Remember that The purpose of a first appointment is that you both know you better, but if you can not even talk, then better think of another place.

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