Finding couple was never so easy & # 8211; Choose your app of dating

Cupid is an algorithm

In this first section we will talk about the web and applications Serias, that are the most appropriate to find a couple when your goal is to establish a stable relationship. Somehow, these platforms are direct heirs of the ancient marriage agencies, whose main objective was to gather data from men and women to find the perfect coincidence - the match - taking into account factors such as age, tastes or social status, Based on exhaustive questionnaires.

When we start thinking about the odds we have to find the ideal couple within our social routine, compared to the probabilities that technology gives us, it is clear that mathematics have come to help Cupid, become algorithm, for Give a pudding to love. How many odds would we have to find that perfect couple without the help of those exhaustive questionnaires and without the immediacy that provides the Internet?

Find a couple

Meetic, or BE2 They are generalist platforms to find a couple who offer their service to all kinds of people, with different tastes and objectives beyond the romantic ideal of finding your "half orange", but it is true that they seek to establish from the beginning and clearly the issues Fundamental, to avoid misunderstandings. The first thing they are going to ask you is what is your sex, but also that of your future couple: man looking for woman, woman looking for man, man looking for man or woman looking for woman. In any case, users and users of generalist platforms have a mostly heterious profile.

The second most important question is also raised at first, and is related to expectations about the kind of relationship we are looking for. In Meetic, for example, the first screen asks it without rodeos: "Are you ready for a relationship?", And the main options are three:" Yes, I would love, "" according to what comes up ", and" no ". It is also added, in smaller letter, a fourth option for the undecided: "I reserve it for me".

In addition to Meetic and Edarling, BE2 is part of the list of websites Serias. However, although it has more than 30 million users around the world, the implementation of BE2 in US is much less than the two platforms mentioned above.

The lick platforms

Who wants to find a stable couple when you can have several appointments a week? Sometimes what matters is the immediacy of flirting and not the depth or duration of the relationship, and that is why there are easy-to-use applications, which go direct to the grain, without the need to have to respond complicated forms. These apps have grown especially at the heat of social networks, and have a slightly younger audience than that of serious platforms. The use of the smartphone is fundamental, and that is why all these applications for Ligar have versions for iOS and Android.

Look for a couple

If you find a stable couple is not a priority for you, one of the most popular apps to flirt in US is Tinder, that is characterized by simplicity and speed, and because you only need to have an active account on Facebook. Once inside, the characteristic system of Tinder consists of sliding the photograph of your possible Ligues to the right to contact, and to the left to ignore. Here rapidity is imposed, because it is no longer about choosing carefully to the person with whom you will share the rest of your life, but quite the opposite, and that is why the flirting strategy is based more on the amount that in the selection. If we talk about fish, Tinder would be fishing with trawl networks, so that users tend to slide as many photos to the right, in order to increase the chances of finding a match. Once they are connected to each other, Tinder puts at your disposal a private chat so that they continue to meet a little more before arranging the appointment.

Lately, the reign of Tinder is threatened by Happn, that has more than 26 million users around the world and is close to Million in US. The fundamental feature of HAPPN is in its geolocation system, so it is possible to contact users who make the same route as you through the streets of the city. The fantasy of getting to know that person with whom you crosses every day in the subway is no longer impossible, as long as that person also has his happn activated, and of course, that the desired person accepts your invitation. Happn is also very close to social networks: it connects from Facebook, and can also be linked with your Instagram and Spotify accounts.

Women Mandan

MUAPP It presumes to be the first appointment application made by and for women, in a heterosexual environment, and not necessarily to look for a partner. The slogan does not leave doubts about it: "Where they play with advantage" is the phrase that appears on the home page, to set from the first moment what are the rules of game. To begin with, they are the ones who decide if a man can access the "showcase", a decision that is taken according to a certain amount of guarantees by the users. Once this filter has passed, man can finally interact, although the final decision to validate an appointment always corresponds to the woman. Also, they are always going to have more information about them than on the contrary. For example, girls can trace men's activity in MUAPP to detect if they are contacting other women.

Adoptual He has brought further the domain of women over the male part of the couple, and is shown directly with the appearance of an online store where the product is ... an uncle. Although the name has a high ironic content, the very concept of "adopting an uncle" has received some criticism for its political incorrectness. In any case, it is necessary to recognize that the approach is sincere, because it makes it clear that it is not an app to find a partner. Paradoxically, in adoptant there are also cases of matches that have finished becoming a stable relationship.

In adopnce, women who choose potential candidates, and which of them "buy". For example, the section entitled "Our promotions" segments to men in groups such as "Latinos", "pijos" or "hipsters". For its part, men can only be adopted, and only interact when they allow it. Sometimes, when there are too many men online, the app blocks them. Oh, and another thing: although it is a free app, men have to pay when this situation of "rush hour is produced. The most common complaint on the part of men is that in adoptant, "it is always rush hour".

Find gay couple

Grindr is the most popular app between the gay community, and from its origins it is focused on geolocation to facilitate meeting with other users who are close to you at a certain time. In any case, although this app would enter the "Ligues" section, the truth is that it is not used only for this purpose, since many users connect by the mere pleasure of meeting new people, and even to find stable couple. Comments about Grindr are usually focused on the differences between the free version and the payment version. Apparently, in each new update, GrindR trims a little more the users' options of the free option to encourage the Grindr Xtra version.

For his part, Wapa It is the Application oriented to the Chica-seeking-girl option, with an approach also focused on geolocation. Like other apps, WAPA allows you to view the photos of lesbian girls that are close to the place. In addition, unlike Grindr, there is the option to leave a "footprint" to declare interest in a user.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that apps to find gay couple function very well in large cities, but not in rural areas or in some smaller cities. This is thus for issues that do not have to do with technology, but with the traditional mentality that persists in less populated areas, and that is why the gay community feels more comfortable in cosmopolitan environments. It is not surprising that Madrid and Barcelona have the highest indexes in the use of these applications.

Geeks and VIP people

By very bizarre that seem like your tastes and hobbies, or by very exclusive your world is, there are many options you have to find a partner. Cuddli or Geekmore are your applications if you are part of a group of fans, for example the sleeve or war of the galaxies.

There are also high status people who only deign to contact people of their own economic level. Apart from moral considerations, the truth is that even Tinder has created a VIP and secret version called Tinder Select in which only contacts between millionaires or famous people can be accessed by rigorous invitation. But if you are poor and want to be part of that select group, beauty is the key that can open for you the door of the Olympus, since you can be accepted if you have the range of influencer, especially if you have rich or famous people between your Instagram followers.

Prices of dating sites

In general, we could say that the "serious" platforms to find a couple are of payment, while the apps of "flirt" have based their expansion at the gratuity of the most basic version. Prices vary even inside the platforms of the same category - Edarling is a little more expensive than Meetic - and there are also differences in billing mode, although the normal thing is that there is a monthly price with a minimum billing of three months.